• Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project

  • Improving Student Learning Through Improved Teaching and Leadership

    Classroom Teachers

    The new evaluation system is designed for “classroom teachers.” Classroom teachers include physical education, art, music, and special education teachers. Librarians and instructional coaches can possibly be included, but ESAs (school counselors, speech language pathologists, nurses, therapists, etc) are not currently included in the new evaluation. However, ESAs, Teacher-Librarians, and Instructional Coaches who provide academically-focused instruction to students may be considered in the new evaluation system.

    Principals and Assistant Principals

    The new evaluation system is designed for certificated principals and assistant principals.

    To Assist district in this collaborative learning process, NCESD can provide:

    • Facilitation of Intructional Framework Training (CEL and Marzano)
    • Leadership Framework Training on AWSP
    • Learning Focuse Supervision

    Please follow the links to the left for more information on these services and workshops.


  • TPEP Core Principles:
    • Quality teaching and leading is critically important.
    • Professional learning is a key component of an effective evaluation system.
    • Teaching and leading is work done by a core team of professionals.
    • Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
    • An evaluation system should consider and balance “inputs or acts” with “outputs or results.”
    • Teacher and principal evaluation models should coexist within the complex relationship between district systems and negotiations.

    Please contact Heather Miller for additional trainings and support offered through NCESD. 

    heatherm@ncesd.org - 509.665.2649