Teachers Make a Difference Scholarship

Buy a book, help fund a scholarship!  We know how hard teachers work, many times putting in extra time, spending their own money to purchase enhancements for their classrooms, and at the same time impacting many, many lives.  Often they have no idea how much they touch the lives of the students with whom they spend time every day.  Teachers Make a Difference began 18 years ago, and our 18th book of stories about teachers written by their students will soon be ready for print.  These books are sold each year to fund scholarships for students who plan to be teachers, so it provides wonderful continuity.  To order a book please contact Eldene Wall at eldenew@ncesd.org or call 509.669.6838.

The Teachers Make a Difference project funds scholarships for high school seniors or college students who wish to earn a teaching degree.  To apply for a scholarship go to 2020 TMAD Scholarship Application-fillable

Other Scholarships are available, including:

Please contact Eldene Wall eldenew@ncesd.org for more details.

A $500 scholarship is available for an FFA student through the North Central Education Foundation.  To apply to go 2020 FFA Scholarship-fillable form

The scholarship will be announced and awarded at the GS Long Bull Riding event which is scheduled May 8-9, 2020, at the Town Toyota Center.   The deadline is April 24.  If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Bushong at the Town Toyota Center, 509. 667.7847.