Science Project

“I was thrilled and surprised to find out I had received this grant.  The process was so simple!  I had a blast (and the kids did too!) using all of our new tools as we learned about the similarities and differences between frogs and toads and their lifecycles.  The grant money came just as I was receiving GLAD training, and the combination of knowledge and resources really pushed my teaching to a whole new level.  I was so inspired as I watched the kids really grasp all the new concepts: physically and mentally due to new formats in my teaching and awesome new educational tools.

I wish this grant was available every year!  Imagine what teachers could do with a few extra dollars every year to push their teaching and aid students in grasping new concepts!  And the pictures and examples that I can now add to my portfolio are priceless.

Thank you for choosing me for this opportunity!”

                              ~Caitlin Walters, First Grade Teacher, Quincy S.D.

Reading Growth Achieved

“The NCESD Grant has been very successful for me.  My goals were to improve reading levels and English language learning through listening to books on iPods that are two grade levels above student reading levels.  I have seen substantial reading growth already and am certain that the ability to listen to chapter books is part of that growth.  Before, students could only use one tape recorder and they all had to listen to the same book.  Now, I see students listening and following along to stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Knuckle Head and Magic Tree House books. These texts use higher level thinking skills and a more mature connection to the literature itself.  Because an anonymous community member matched this grant, I am able to rotate the iPods quickly through all of my students. Thanks to the ESD and many other partners, my fourth grade class was given a wonderful opportunity to study nesting osprey with the purchase of a web cam.  We have been able to watch the pair rebuild the nest after returning around late March.  We also witnessed the pair nesting, with the first egg noticed on April 25.  We are very thankful for such an amazing opportunity.  Thanks to ALL involved!”

                              ~Kelly King, 4th Grade Teacher, Oroville Elementary

Creative Electricity/Electronics Circuits

“I can honestly say that for the school year 2012-2013 our Creative Electricity/Electronics Circuits class was a real success.  Thanks to our sponsors, including the NCESD Foundation, this one-month long class became one of the most popular and engaging courses for our middle school students.  It was rewarding to see students make a product and the excitement their faces showed when a project was completed.  For most, things only got better when I informed them that what they had just made was for them to keep.”

The student shown to the left finished his lighthouse project and proudly took it home to show his mother.  “As a recipient of one of the STEM grants, I want to thank everyone involved in the grant process for all the support you have given me.  This certainly has given me a push start to what I foresee in place for years to come . . . Creative Electricity and Electronics Circuits will be offered once again in the fall!”

                                ~Ismael Williams, Clovis Point, Eastmont

STEM: Amino Acid Molecular Modeling

“This was great for my classroom.  Students have a very hard time visualizing compounds.  Much of biology today is based on being able to describe what is going on at the molecular level.  These Molecular Molecules greatly aided my students’ understanding of protein folding.  I used it with my biotechnology students as both a review activity and then as an assessment.  They had to describe what changes would occur in the protein they had built if an amino acid changed.  They could explain with detail and the correct vocabulary.  Being able to manipulate and point at the key parts of the amino acid chain really helped.”

                                ~Nancy Ridenour, Omak High School

Percussion Development Program

“Fine arts grants from the NCESD Educational Foundation, made possible by a donation from the Woods House Family Fund, were used to develop Eric Stiles’ high school band program.  “Dubbed the Percussion Development Program, this grant inspired my school district to complete most of my percussion wish list … pictured are students holding most of the instruments purchased from various sources, new and used, with the $300 grant, including: a vibra slap, bar chimes (mark tree), suspended cymbal mallets, timpani mallets, drum sticks, wood block and an egg shaker … I am very thankful and appreciative for this grant and all that it inspired in my band classes.”                                                                             

                              ~Eric Stiles, Oroville High School

Drums for Tonasket

“I wanted to share pictures of my students using the drums.  My students noticed the new drum set immediately.  They absolutely love them and are so excited!  It is so fun to watch the enthusiasm from kindergarten to fifth grade when using the new drum set.  I love to watch the sparkle in their eyes when they are drumming! What a super educational opportunity for Tonasket students.”

  ~Gayle Morris, Tonasket Elementary

Listening Centers

“Zuly Arredondo from Washington Elementary described how the literacy grant she received impacted her classroom in a positive way.  She said, “These listening centers created an environment that was quieter and conducive to more learning while fostering a love for reading!”


“Rachel Robison, Lake Chelan School District, purchased Chromebooks with her literacy grant.  She said they have been “… a tremendous help … all of my students utilize these computers to practice reading fluency, vocabulary building, spelling and sight word practice. They also use them for math fact and concept practice. Thank you so much!  These computers enhanced our learning above expectations.”

Mark Wavra: EHS Tintype

Sara Hausken: Chick Project

Sara Hausken: Chick Project Group Thank You!

Teresa Jones: Kindergarten Math/Science Manipulatives

Teresa Jones: Kindergarten Math/Science Manipulatives

Teresa Jones: Kindergarten Math/Science Manipulatives

Teresa Jones: Kindergarten Project

Tina Nicpan: Brown Cheese Making