Why I Teach

Teachers- we want to hear from you! Tell us what motivates you to do this important work. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you inspired? What makes you love being a teacher?

We’ll share your inspiring stories on social media and the NCESD website. Each month we’ll select a winning submission and that teacher will win a gift card for classroom supplies!

Submit a few sentences detailing Why You Teach to communications@ncesd.org. Be sure to include your name, school, and grade level!

Happy Teaching!

“I teach because all kids deserve love; school is a safe place where through love and acceptance I can guide little people into making great choices. I can help make a difference in kids’ lives, teaching them how to love discovering new things everyday.” 

Katie Jensen
2nd Grade Teacher/Principal Intern
Warden School District

“The moment a deaf child looks up at you and says, “Oh!”, and the expression on his face tells you he ‘gets’ it–that moment?  That’s why I teach.”

Gail Brand
Language Specialist
Brewster Elementary

“Children should leave each day with a smile on their face and a story in their heart.” 
Candace Pitts
Kindergarten Teacher
Moses Lake

“I teach because it is the most rewarding job in the world.  These kids have so much to offer and I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to spend my day with them!”

Ms. Hastin
3rd Grade
East Omak Elementary

“I teach in hopes to spark interest. Interest in culture, learning, exploring and acceptance. I want kids to know how it feels to be curious.”

Tina Nicpan Brown
5th grade STEM and Computer Science
Lincoln Elementary

“I teach because I want students to realize how much they have to offer this world. I want to empower them to discover the leader within their hearts and to act on the opportunities they are given.”

Trisha Roach
MS Leadership Teacher
MS Yearbook Teacher
MS/HS Teacher Librarian
Okanogan School District

“I teach because I am their champion! I am in their court every step of the way, leading and guiding every scholar that crosses my path to becoming life long learners of our society. I teach because I believe in them!” 

Courtney Bronowski
Special Education
Junior High School

“I teach because I love getting to witness their little minds at work each day! Each student is vastly different and it is so special to see and hear their perspectives when we are learning.”

Conor Jorgensen
1st Grade Teacher
Midway Elementary
Moses Lake

“I teach because each day I get to be that one smile for some kids. I love seeing their faces when they “get it” or start reading. I teach because each day these kiddos come hoping to learn. Most importantly, I teach because I want each child to know they are special and important.”

Nicole Wallace
1st Grade Teacher
Sage Point Elementary
Moses Lake

“I teach because I know school might be the best part of a child’s day. I teach because learning to read will change the child’s life. I teach because I’m changing the world.”

Laura Collins
1st Grade Teacher
Grant Elementary

Michael Werner
Grades 9-12 incl. collaboration with 3rd Grade students from Pioneer ES Quincy
High Tech High

“I teach to help kids better understand themselves, others, the world and their place in it. To create opportunities for kids to use their understanding to make a positive impact on the world.”

Kevin Parr
4th Grade Teacher
Lincoln Elementary

“Just yesterday I told a young girl in my classroom that she had value as a person. She broke down and told me that it was the first time anyone had said that to her. That is why I teach.”

Matthew Brewer
Soap Lake High School
Soap Lake

“I teach because I love kids. I know that everyday I am impacting the future of our Valley, our Region, our State, and our Nation. I teach because I have children who need to know they are loved, that someone believes in them, and who sees their potential. I teach because being a teacher is a major part of who I am. I teach because there were teachers in my life who impacted my life and I hope to pay it forward. I teach because I am a mom who knows there are more children out there who need me in their lives. It is the hardest, most stressful, most rewarding (after being a mom) job I could possibly choose to do. But, I love it. I find great joy in teaching. I am blessed to be a teacher.”

Lizabeth Fowler
6th Grade ELA/Writing/SS
Monument Elementary

“I love seeing kids proud of themselves when they accomplish a goal or recognize improvement with their learning. Their smiling face is the reward that keeps me going.”

Dawn Sandhop
1st Grade Teacher
Sage Point Elementary
Moses Lake

“I teach because everyone has the right to communicate to the best of their ability. I enjoy using my knowledge as a Speech Language Pathologist to help students communicate efficiently and effectively in a variety of settings no matter their mode of communication.”

Kelly Gettles
Longview Elementary, North Elementary, Sage Point Elementary
Moses Lake

“I teach because every child deserves to have a safe learning environment where they can learn, make mistakes, and have a voice. When students make mistakes and can figure it out, their faces light up. Mistakes and Teachable Moments are my why.”

Anna Davis
4th Grade Teacher
Sage Point Elementary
Moses Lake

“I teach because I love kids, and they are our future.  The little lessons we teach in school today, be it sharing, or fractions, or writing a narrative, have a big impact on the kind of citizens we are creating for tomorrow.  Teaching is challenging, and I wouldn’t be pouring my life into it if I wasn’t convinced it has long-reaching positive implications.”

Barb Kooima
3rd Grade Teacher
Sage Point Elementary
Moses Lake