Administrative Services Team Vision:

  • Support, train and strengthen our districts by providing the best alternative
  • Be the “go to” agency for support, training, fiscal advice, and industry best practices
  • Recognize that individually we have answers, but together we create solutions

North Central ESD provides Administrative Support and Services for school districts within our region as well as internal business operations, including internal accounting services and training to ESD staff. Our goal is to provide ESD staff with quality service and ensure compliance with state and federal governmental regulations.

North Central ESD Administrative Services provides expertise in the following categories:

  • Fiscal Services and State Reporting: we provide guidance that helps districts undertake new projects, complete State-required reporting, and navigate the complex educational financial and regulatory environment. Our team can provide support through counseling, advice, on-site collaboration, and issue review.
  • Business Operations and Contract Services: providing financial services to districts that are in transition, or need support.
  • Information Service Center: providing software support to the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) member districts utilizing the Skyward School Management system.


Our Administrative Services Staff include:

  • Jennifer Chamberlain

    Jennifer ChamberlainManaging Director ISC509-665-2635
  • Shae Eldredge

    Shae EldredgeFiscal Coordination Assistant509-667-7115
  • Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsAssistant Fiscal Director509-667-7103
  • Jody Patrick

    Jody PatrickPayroll Technician509-665-2652
  • Kayla Sasseen

    Kayla SasseenAccounting/Budget Assistant509-665-2654
  • Mary Christle

    Mary ChristleAccounting Technician509-665-2657
  • Nicole Courtney

    Nicole CourtneyExternal Business Manager509-667-7119
  • Sandy Poole

    Sandy PooleBusiness Operations/Payroll Specialist509-667-3636
  • Suzie Morrison

    Suzie MorrisonAccounting Technician509-665-2657
  • Trisha Schock

    Trisha SchockExecutive Director for Administrative Services509-667-3632
  • Lorena Pulido

    Lorena PulidoFiscal Coordinator Lead509-665-2643
  • Madison McNeil

    Madison McNeilFiscal Coordinator509-667-7113
  • Robin Richter

    Robin RichterFiscal Coordination Assistant509-665-2637