Provide safe environments for staff, students, and volunteers through intentional training, preparation, and response in emergency situations.

The Crisis Management Cooperative provides North Central Washington school districts with services and support in emergency planning, drill/exercise evaluation, training and continued education. Participating districts receive invaluable support in creating processes and procedures keeping students, staff, and volunteers as safe as possible during emergencies.

Our team of experienced professionals help district administrators anticipate the “what-if” situations by planning and preparing them. Through on-site assistance, our expertise is passed onto district administrators, teachers, and other staff members to enable them to gain knowledge in safety preparation for dealing with emergency — and non-emergency — events which can occurs on school campuses.

2021-22 Cooperative Members

  • Bridgeport School District

  • Cashmere School District

  • Ephrata School District

  • Grand Coulee Dam School District

  • Nespelem School District

  • Okanogan School District

  • Orondo School District

  • Oroville School District

  • Palisades School District

  • Pateros School District

  • Waterville School District

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Crisis Management Cooperative Services

Mitigation, Preparedness & Evaluation

Crisis and safety events can be disruptive and come with high legal liabilities and public critique. While these events are rare, they may occur within your district. The Cooperative assists district administration prepare for emergencies so they respond like experts when a crisis event occurs.

Services include:

Assistance in the development or revision of required Emergency Operation Plans and/or Annexes, physical security walkthrough evaluations of sites and procedures, assistance with grant proposals for funding to support safety initiatives, incident command training, and more.

Response & Recovery Services

Professional support in managing the response, student/staff reunification, and recovery efforts from unexpected events which interrupt daily operations in a school district. Experts help districts coordinate and expedite decision making and action steps in responding to a crisis.

Services include:

Coordination and facilitation of functional tabletop exercises on a variety of emergency topics, on-site crisis response assistance as requested during emergency events (such as bomb and other physical threats, floods, wildfires, etc), phone and email assistance during and after a crisis for district administration, and more.

Training & Education

Comprehensive school safety comes with training and keeping your procedures and policies in mind. Cooperative members have access to a wide variety of trainings and continued education from field experts to help them remain compliant with state required policies and procedures, WACs and RCWs, federal law, and regulations.

Services include:

Active Shooter training, unified incident command system training, access to SafeHaven International training videos for all school district staff.

What Others Are Saying…

The work Okanogan School District has done with the NCESD Crisis Management Cooperative has been integral to providing a safe and secure work and learning environment to our staff and students.

Ashley Goetz, Okanogan School District, Superintendent

I still can’t believe you are real, I haven’t been this impressed and feeling so connected to someone in this industry in a really long time. I am so appreciative of your time, knowledge, passion…everything.”

Jessica Cirulli, Drift Net Securities

More Reasons to Join the Cooperative

Develop Partnerships & Connections

Crisis situations require working closely with emergency responders and other agencies with whom school district staff may not routinely interact with. Members in the cooperative build valuable relationships with First Responder agencies through  Cooperator Meetings and emergency tabletop or functional drills.

NCESD acts as a liaison between districts and state and federal agencies like OSPI, FEMA, and REMS, including coordinating FEMA training opportunities for participating districts and participating as a member of the OSPI Student Safety Advisory Committee.

Support From Educational Experts

Let the Cooperative work for you by utilizing available support services and resources to save time and stay compliant with state and federal law. NCESD Cooperatives provide districts with access to economical industry expertise. Cooperative members receive standardized support from experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the education system — at a fraction of the cost of outside consultants. 

In addition to emergency management support, Crisis Management Cooperative members connect directly with experts in student threat assessment and social/emotional health through the NCESD Student Safety & Well-Being department.

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