Parents, families, child care providers and medical providers can all make a referral to the Birth-3 program when there is a concern about a child’s development. Read this handout for developmental milestones to look for in children by age.

What does the Referral Process Look Like?

Once a referral is received by our Early Intervention team, a Family Resources Coordinator (FRC) will contact the family in order to gather more information and to determine the next steps for evaluation to determine eligibility and whether the child could benefit from early intervention services.

Make a Referral

Those interested in making a developmental referral may complete the form below or download the PDF file. Providers can fax a referral form to 509-888-1968.

Format Example: 01-01-2010
Please include street, city, state, and zip code.
Format example: 509-665-2610
Format example: 509-665-2610
Format example: 509-665-2610
Format example: