Immunization Information:

This page is intended to provide school nurses and districts with quick access to Washington State and national resources and examples. In the event of a disease outbreak, the health district with jurisdiction in the school district’s county is the lead agency and will provide specific district directions.


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WA State Measles Toolkit for Schools and Child Care

This toolkit, developed specifically for schools and child care centers/providers, is posted on the WA State DOH Measles Outbreak 2019 webpage:

  • Immunization Requirements
  • Templates: Parent/Guardian Letters, Staff/Teacher Letters, Exclusion for Noncompliance Letters
  • Tracking Forms for Susceptible Staff and Students
  • General Measles Information
  • Infographics for Parents and Staff in Various Languages

WA State DOH Measles Guidelines

A clinical reference guide on measles reporting and surveillance. (WA DOH, 2018)

OSPI Infectious Disease Control Guide

A reference guide on the control and reporting processes for many infectious diseases common in the school-age population and among staff members of schools in WA State. Includes links to applicable RCW and WACs. (OSPI, 2014)

Immunization Manual for Schools, Preschools, and Childcare Centers

A reference guide for school and child care staff who process Certificates of Immunization Status (CIS), complete immunization status reports, and answer questions from parents, guardians and staff about immunization requirements, exemptions, and exclusion of inadequately immunized (susceptible) students and staff during a disease outbreak. Includes links to applicable RCW and WACs. (WA DOH, 2020)

Forms & Samples

Additional samples are available in the WA State Measles Toolkit for Schools, the OSPI Infectious Disease Control Guide and the Immunization Manual for Schools.