Career Connected Learning is about every student having access to experiential learning opportunities that lead to the future career they choose for themselves.

In  response  to  the  needs  identified  by  the  community,  there  are  two  working  groups  to  facilitate  the identification  of  needs  and  the  coordination  of  efforts  to  implement  sector  strategies  to  support Manufacturers  and  schools  with  Career  Connected  Learning  in  Grant/Adams  Counties:

Career Connected Learning Coordinating Council

(CTE/Educator Awareness)

This  working  group  of  CTE  Directors  and  educators  is  continues  to  focus  on  gathering  firsthand knowledge  of  local  manufacturing  and  industry  within  Grant  and  Adams  Counties  by  touring  facilities.  Throughout the tours, educators are gaining an insight into business for not only their own knowledge but to take back to their classrooms to share with students.  This encourages integration of career connected concepts into curriculum and fosters authentic ‘real world’ knowledge of local industry.

Additionally, suggested companies for inclusion in 2020 will provide a  terrific  cross  section of industry and our region by offering  tour opportunities across Grant and Douglas counties. The worksite tours are guided by employers  and provide educators an opportunity to learning about wage structures, career opportunities, skill sets, critical soft skills, and the global opportunities available. The  Career  Connected  Learning  educators  working group  now  includes  CTE  directors,  teachers  and admins  from  several  Grant/Adams  &  Douglas  County  school  districts.

ML Workforce Alliance

The ‘Manufacturing Task Force’, now known officially as ML Workforce Alliance, has made amazing strides in becoming a working and focused group.  AeroTEC | Joyson Safety Systems | SGL Composites LLC | Chemi-Con & now Moses Lake Industries representatives have come together to focus on using career connected learning to build a long-term workforce development pipeline.

“Our priority goal and a clear indicator of the success of our work is the successful development, support and expansion of CTE graduation pathways in school districts in our region.”

Career Connected Learning is a continuum of awareness, exploration, preparation, and work experience developed through strong public and private partnerships. Participants develop, apply, and are assessed on academic, technical, trade, and entrepreneurial skills that support their future career success.

The NCESD partners with the Apple STEM Network and a variety of other public and private partners to create robust Career Connected Learning opportunities for students through the NCESD service district. By working together to connect college and work opportunities, our goal is to introduce and build pathways for students and contribute to strong and competitive workforces.

The NCESD serves as the regional lead for the statewide Career Connect Washington network. Other statewide collaboration partners include the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Employment Security Department, the Washington Student Achievement Council and others. This network’s goal is to provide coherent and aligned technical assistance and professional learning.

Our priority goal is to connect a student’s education with employment opportunities and a clear indicator of the success of our work is the successful development, support and expansion of CTE graduation pathways in school districts in our region.

Our Partners:

  • Apple STEM Network
  • Washington STEM
    • Labor Dashmoar
    • CORI Matrix
  • SkillSource
  • Employment Security Department
  • School Districts
  • Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Moses Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • PUDs
  • Workforce Alliance
  • Big Bend
  • WVC

Our Career Connected Learning Staff include:

  • Dennis Conger

    Dennis CongerCareer Connected Learning and CTE Director
  • Tami McBride

    Tami McBrideCareer Connected Learning Specialist
  • Sue Kane

    Sue KaneDirector Apple Stem Network/Stem Coordinator509-888-7036