Comprehensive Student Safety

The Comprehensive School Safety services NCESD provides school districts with services and support in emergency planning, drill/exercise evaluation, training and continued education. NCESD provides school districts with invaluable support in creating processes and procedures keeping students, staff, and volunteers as safe as possible during emergencies.

Our team of experienced professionals help district administrators anticipate the “what-if” situations by planning and preparing them. Through on-site assistance, our expertise is passed onto district administrators, teachers, and other staff members to enable them to gain knowledge in safety preparation for dealing with emergency — and non-emergency — events which can occur on school campuses.

Mitigation, Preparedness & Evaluation

Crisis and safety events can be disruptive and come with high legal liabilities and public critique. While these events are rare, they may occur within your district. The Cooperative assists district administration prepare for emergencies so they respond like experts when a crisis event occurs.

Response & Recovery Services

Professional support in managing the response, student/staff reunification, and recovery efforts from unexpected events which interrupt daily operations in a school district. Experts help districts coordinate and expedite decision making and action steps in responding to a crisis.

Training & Education

Comprehensive school safety comes with training and keeping your procedures and policies in mind. Cooperative members have access to a wide variety of trainings and continued education from field experts to help them remain compliant with state required policies and procedures, WACs and RCWs, federal law, and regulations.

Student Safety Services

The NCESD provides comprehensive safe schools planning and response to regional school districts, including onsite and virtual assistance and guidance. Our Student Safety Coordinator is able to support districts with the following:

  • Compliance with the “Safe Schools Plan” requirements
  • Compliance with HB1214 (School Safety Staff)
  • Compliance with HB1216 (School Safety Staff)
    • School Resource Officer (SRO) – commissioned law enforcement officer
    • School Safety Officer (SSO) – not commissioned
    • School District Administration – overseeing school safety
  • Incident Command System (ICS) staff training
  • Harassment/intimidation/Bullying (HIB) assistance
  • On-site Campus “Security Walkthroughs”
  • On-site Emergency Exercises facilitation and evaluation
    • Required monthly with students (when school is in session)
    • “Functional Tabletop” exercises with first responders – topic to be selected by the school administration
  • Assistance with District “Emergency Operation Plan”
  • Local first responder coordination
  • On-site “30-Second” training, facilitation, and staff discussion (building and transportation); created by
  • SafeHavens International
  • On-site and/or remote response to emergency events
  • Staff Active Assailant training and exercises using LANCE
    • L = Lockdown and Life Safety
    • A = Alert – notification within/on school campus
    • N = Notify – call 9-1-1
    • C = Commit – fight (as a last resort)
    • E = Evacuate and/or Escape
  • Assistance/participation in local Community Town Hall meetings

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