Part 1 – Introduction

Meet Perri Lynch Howard, an artist based in the Methow Valley in Washington. Perri has her own studio at TwispWorks called VMG Studio to showcase her public art, soundscape design, and arts integrated master planning. Perri walks us through her journey to becoming a professional artist.

Part 2 – What school subjects do you use while you create?

Perri talks about her soundscape design work and the school subjects that she uses to create her work, especially geometry.

Part 3 – How do you see art being used in school?

Perri shares some topics that can be taught through art like the Fibonacci sequence, things in natural science, and more.

Part 4 – Sharing Your Art: How do you overcome the fear of judgement?

Perri talks about the unique, personal experience of creating art, but the importance of connecting into the work of other artists and art movements as well.

Part 5 – How have your experiences affected your art?

Perri shares her background in sailing and how that has impacted how she experiences the world which in turn impacts how she creates art.

Part 6 – How have you developed your skills?

Perri talks about how ideas and concepts drive her development of skills and how practice is still the number one way she improves her skills. She also talks about the importance of collaboration.

Part 7 – A Look Into The Studio

Introduce your students to Perri and take a peek into an artist’s working studio!