The Science team at North Central ESD is available to assist school districts in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards, selecting instructional materials, in the use of appropriate technology applications, and in providing professional development. We can provide custom designed in-services ranging from on-site for a single school, to a common location for multiple schools and levels. The North Central ESD Science team works in collaboration with the North Central ESD Math and Literacy team.

In addition, our Regional Science Coordinator who, along with the other Regional Science Coordinators, Math Coordinators and Literacy Coordinators from all ESDs, will be working together with the LASER Alliance  Directors and OSPI to support the development of a statewide science network.

Our Science Staff include:

  • Barbara Nuxoll

    Barbara NuxollPro Serve Team Leader
  • Kris Johnson

    Kris JohnsonProserv Administrative Assistant
  • Annette Jouard

    Annette JouardScience Cadre Member – Electrical Safety
  • Celeste Beaty

    Celeste BeatyWarehouse Refurbishment Assistant
  • Mechelle LaLanne

    Mechelle LaLanneManaging Director, Science Education / Regional Science Coordinator
  • Andy Boyd

    Andy BoydMath/Science Specialist
  • Kate Lindholm

    Kate LindholmStem Education Specialist / GLAD Trainer
  • Darlene Robbins

    Darlene RobbinsRefurbishment Specialist
  • Shae Eldredge

    Shae EldredgeProServe Team Secretary