Updated August 2020:

OSPI has determined that WaKIDS will be required this fall, just as in previous years. The deadline for the whole-child assessment component has been extended to November 13th.

OSPI will be making an announcement about this expectation through a forthcoming bulletin, followed by additional resources for teachers mid-August. In the meantime, here are a few highlights from the bulletin.

Wherever possible, teachers should observe and assess students in-person, in authentic, play-based settings, so even schools engaging primarily in remote learning should consider opportunities for teachers to meet with small groups of students within the building. In cases where students are engaging remotely, educators can use multiple forms of evidence of students’ skills including work samples received from families (e.g., photos, videos, worksheets, recordings).

Students who have transferred or whose families have formally or informally withdrawn them from class should be archived in MyTeachingStrategies prior to November 13, so that  an incomplete student portfolio does not prevent teachers from finalizing data by the assessment deadline.

Teachers are advised to use the “not observed” level sparingly and take advantage of the year-long availability of the online platform to document children’s growth beyond the fall assessment window.

All teachers new to Kindergarten (including Transitional Kindergarten) must complete WaKIDS 101 and must successfully complete the course prior to administering the assessment.


OSPI Bulletin No. 062-20 RE: 2020-21 Implementation of the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)

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