Grants for Teachers

The Foundation has grant opportunities for a variety of classroom activities. In 2021, the foundation awarded more than 155 grants totaling over $44,000! Below are a handful of grant opportunities from some of our community partners.

Every September, NCEF announces the grant opportunities available for teachers in North Central Washington for that year. Starting in 2020, due to the impacts of Covid-19, NCEF has updated grant categories to be more relevant to the teachers in the region.

Make A Donation

Teachers are welcome to apply for grants in a variety of subjects, including:


  • Literacy

  • Music and Arts
  • Financial Education

  • Cultural Awareness, History, Social Studies
  • Health, Social Emotional, Behavioral Wellness

Teacher Classroom Grants

This grant opportunity is provided by the North Central Education Foundation and is available to all teachers in the North Central Washington region. These needs-based grants, $300 on average, are to be used directly in the classroom to equip teachers with the tools and resources they need to meet the needs of their students.

How to apply for a Teacher Classroom Grant

Teachers submit an application via the online form that demonstrates how the funds would be used to encourage learning in the classroom. Foundation board members and community members review all applications and select the winning grants in early October. All grant recipients are honored during an annual event in late October.

The application for Teacher Classroom Grants is currently closed. The application will open in Spring 2023.

2022-2023 Grant Winners
Grants available for "adotpion"

Friends of Lower Grand Coulee (FLGC)

This grant opportunity provided by the Friends of Lower Grand Coulee is available to all districts in the North Central ESD region. Teachers are invited to apply for FLGC grants in areas of social Social Studies, Literacy, Music and Arts, STEM and STEAM that will further the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the geology, culture, history and natural beauty of the Lower Grand Coulee, occurring inside and outside of the classroom.

9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation

This grant opportunity provided by the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation awards grants to projects and activities that allow students to reflect upon the significance of 09/11/2001 to our history and the impact on our society.

Young Adult Consumer Education Trust (YACET)

This opportunity was created in response to Washington State’s adoption of Financial Education K-12 Learning Standards. YACET funds grants supporting learning experiences that promote wise spending habits, financial discipline, and fiscal knowledge.