Perri Lynch Howard

Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Art Planner

Perri Howard is a multi-disciplinary artist and community-based art planner, creatively engaging the public through original artworks and setting a powerful stage for multiple voices through art master plans. Perri’s work uses painting, drawing, sculpture and sound as means to explore the relationship between human perception and sense of place. Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, Perri spent her undergraduate years at the Evergreen State College and the University of Washington. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2001 and is now based in the Methow Valley of Washington State. Perri is a Fulbright Scholar, having completed projects in Portugal, India, Italy, Canada, and Brazil. As a lead artist and design team member, Perri has collaborated on largescale artworks for rails-to-trails, right-of-ways, municipal buildings, and community-based projects. Her favorite instrument is a hand-held compass.