Resource: The Truth – It’s a Breath of Stress Air

Published June 12, 2023

The Truth: It’s a Breath of Stress Air

The Truth: It’s a Breath of Stress Air is an online program directed to teens and designed to assist them in vaping cessation. The site’s tools include:

  • an anonymous texting program
  • twelve videos of young people sharing their real life experiences
    • with vaping addiction and quitting
    • about the effects of vaping on mental and physical health
    • thirty seconds to five minutes in length

Educators should:

  • Be aware that this site is much better suited to older teens than to younger
  • Review the site, including the videos, before recommending or directing students to it

In addition to health impacts, the site also exposes some of the unconscionable marketing of vaping products to youth.

Vist thetruth.com

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