Resource: Bullying Hurts Video and Discussion Guide

Published October 6, 2023

Bully Hurts Student Video with Classroom Discussion Guide

Bullying Hurts Video

This video, Bullying Hurts, was submitted to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center as an entry in the Center’s Students with Solutions contest: Engaging students to learn about bullying prevention through art, writing, and video production.

Top entries in Teen and Kids categories were published in July of 2023. Working from a provided script, students themselves created all other aspects of the video presentation.

Tenth grade students in a Digital Communications program at the Indiana County Technology Center in Pennsylvania chose to participate in this contest because they find the topic important.

To see other contest entries, and to learn how your students might participate in the Winter 2024 Contest, click here.

We hope you will share Bullying Hurts with your students. For rationale and background information, please see our blog post The National Child Traumatic Stress Network on Bullying.

Discussion Guide for Use With Video Bullying Hurts

Questions for discussion with students:

  1. This video was made by tenth grade students. They were given the script and required to use it.
  2. If you were given the same script and asked to act it out, would you have acted it out differently?
    • How?
    • Why?
  3. In the video, a person being bullied was sitting with head down and hands covering face.
    • We know that is not always how someone looks when being bullied.
    • How would you know if someone is being bullied?
  4. In the video, a bystander gently pulled away the person who was bullying someone else.
    • Would that work in real life?
    • Why or why not?
    • What else could be done to interrupt or stop bullying?
  5. What does the person who has been bullied need from peers?

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