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Monthly Resources – September 2022
Published September 9, 2022

A resource renewed each month from the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley

A resource to support our school staff’s well-being is the Happiness Calendar from the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley. Each month they post a new daily calendar for a month of activities intended to encourage adults to focus on their own well-being and also that of their community. Each month has a central theme or two and a single focus for each day.

The September 2022 theme is “This month, make a fresh start.” The monthly calendar can be printed out or shared electronically as a PDF. A nice feature they offer is the ability to link their Happiness Calendar to one’s own Google Calendar or any other calendar that supports the iCal event format.

This could be a useful resource to share regularly with your staff. Daily activities could be shared to social media as appropriate. The monthly calendars could be shared with parents in a newsletter article. The full variety of activities are not all appropriate for students of every age, but some are, depending on the age of the student. For instance, the activity on Tuesday, September 6th, “go barefoot and feel your connection to the earth” could be adapted for any age, while “recognize where you have control — and where you don’t” from Sunday, September 18th, would be good for upper elementary and up. Younger students could speak their ideas.

Food for thought, and for well-being!


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