Resource: Healthy Relationships Toolkit

Monthly Resources – February 2023
Published January 19, 2023

Healthy Relationships Toolkit

Since February is the month of Valentine’s Day and emphasizes relationships, we are highlighting the Healthy Relationship Toolkit, adapted from Safe Dates.

The toolkit addresses all sorts of relationships – those with parents and teachers and peers – as well as those with “sweethearts.” It teaches communication and conflict resolution skills, challenges gender stereotypes and includes an extensive list of feeling words. The Healthy Relationship Toolkit contains a great list of resources — including telephone numbers for crime victim advocacy. However, these numbers apply only in Utah.

Therefore, we have provided contacts for crime victim advocacy in Okanogan, Grant, Douglas and Chelan Counties. These are included in our Educator Letter that prefaces the Healthy Relationships Toolkit. Our Educator Letter also includes caveats for implementing the toolkit in Washington State. Use the button to access the Healthy Relationship Toolkit, prefaced by our Educator Letter.


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