Substance Use Resources Introduction

Monthly Resources – March 2023
Published February 23, 2023

Substance Use Resources Introduction

Our March theme is prevention of substance use, with particular emphasis on vaping prevention. We have again curated FREE educational resources for you. Of course, we cannot ensure that all parts of each resource are ideal for every student, classroom, school or district. Only you, the educator, can decide what is most appropriate in your milieu.

Please review all materials individually or with your PLC before sharing them with students!

You might choose to use most of the resources supplied by a curriculum, but also to eliminate parts. To ensure that you are employing best practices, please consider these questions:

  • Would any image or anecdote function as a “scare tactic” if your students were exposed to it? Fear arousal is counterproductive with adolescents.
  • Are any images or anecdotes gruesome? It is not effective to “gross out” your students!
  • Would any image or anecdote function as a relapse trigger in former users, or trigger immediate desire in current users?
  • Would the parents of your students object to questions about their smoking or vaping behavior in pre- and post-surveys? You might eliminate those questions.

Please see Prevention Tools: What works, what doesn’t.

We have NOT included any resources supported by substance industries. We hope that some of these resources will suit your needs!


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