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Green Chemistry is being widely used in industry and the need for future scientists who understand how to use the 12 principles to drive green innovation is acute. Green Chemistry education must be integrated into the way we teach scientists from the earliest ages. This course will provide an introduction to Green Chemistry and give teachers the skills and knowledge to practice green chemistry pedagogy and procedures in their classrooms. A broad overview of green chemistry will be given including ways that green chemistry is being used in industry. Lesson plans for teachers to use will be introduced which include all of these concepts as well as laboratory activities that can replace those that are currently used by teachers but are dangerous to human health and the environment. These new learnings are intended to be integrated into the content and standards that teachers are already required to teach and a portion of the work for this class will be developing implementation plans for each teacher. A survey of the available resources to teachers will be explored and those that are available for free download will be emphasized.

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Canvas course is available June 12 through August 7


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