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This live online training series on Motivational Interviewing for Student Support Professionals will provide a basic overview of the fundamentals of Motivational

Interviewing as well as the latest updates. Whether you’ve heard of Motivational Interviewing or just want to improve your communication skills, this is a fantastic class to take!

Unlike other traditional Motivational Interviewing courses we go beyond the acronyms of Motivational Interviewing and additionally teach the science of behavior change. Participants will discover assessment strategies and communication skills that foster sustained behavior change by tapping into students’ intrinsic motivation. Aside from a didactic approach, there will be video examples, audience participation, and skill practice, creating a very interactive training experience.


Advanced Motivational Interviewing for Student Support Professionals (September 12-15)

Date & Time

Monday, August 15
12:30m – 3:00pm

Tuesday, August 16
12:30m – 3:00pm

Wednesday, August 17
12:30m – 3:00pm

Thursday, August 18
12:30m – 3:00pm


Hosted via Zoom

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10 Clock Hours Available for Purchase

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