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The Paraeducator Assessment was developed in response to the federal legislation known as No Child Left Behind. This law requires that paraeducators have one of the following:

  • Associate of Arts degree
  • Two years of college (72 college credits)
  • Demonstrated, through a state or local academic assessment, knowledge of, and the ability to assist in the instruction of reading, math, and writing.

The Paraeducator Assessment for prospective and practicing paraeducators measures skills and knowledge in reading, math, and writing, as well as the ability to apply those skills and knowledge to assist in classroom instruction.

The Test

The test consists of 90 multiple choice questions across the subject areas reading, math, and writing. Approximately two-thirds of the questions in each subject area focus on basic skills and knowledge, and approximately one-third of the questions in each subject area focus on the application of those skills and knowledge in a classroom context. Fifteen of the questions in the test (five in each subject) are pretest questions and do not count toward the candidate’s score. The test questions are arranged by subject area, with reading first, then math, followed by writing.

Test Dates:

Click here for a list of upcoming test dates.

Cost of the Test:

The test is $75.00. The test fee is payable online at the time you register.


You MUST be pre-registered to take the test as space is limited for each date and time. For a list of upcoming tests, please click here.

Test Location:

All tests will be held at the NCESD office, located at 430 Olds Station Road, Wenatchee, WA. Please make sure to bring photo identification with you the day of the test.

Practice Test:

For those interested, an interactive practice test is available through ETS. The cost is $19.95. Click here to purchase the practice test.

Test Prep Materials:

Additional ParaPro Test Prep Resources from Washington State Center of Excellence for Careers in Education: click here

Test Results:

Immediately after the test, candidates are given their unofficial test results. Official test results will be mailed to the candidate within 45 days of taking the test. A score of 461 or above is needed to pass the test in Washington state.

Test Retakes:

Tests may be taken once every 28 days, not including the initial test date. The testing screen will prompt the test taker to raise their hand before testing if they have taken the ParaPro Assessment within the last 35  days. If the retake policy has been violated, the test taker’s score will be canceled, and the test fee will not be refunded.

The revised policy can be found here: ParaPro Assessment Information Bulletin

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