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Vector Solutions is an online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for school employees. With courses that address Environmental, Behavioral, Health, School Safety, Human Resources, and Transportation issues, Vector Solutions delivers all of the essential training you need for each employee in your district. This cost is picked up by our North Central Washington Workers’ Compensation Trust for districts in our Educational Service District!

If you are interested in having different options for required annual training and refresher trainings, please contact contact Flor Lopez at 509-667-7110. The platform is really very user friendly and costs your district absolutely nothing! Clock Hours can be provided by bundling courses.

About Vector Solutions

1. 100% School-Focused

Would you want your teachers taking a Slips and Falls course that was designed for employees in a factory? All Vector Solutions courses are set in a school environment.

2. Expert Authors

Vector Solutions courses are authored by leading school safety specialists. You can be sure the content is tested and accurate.

3. No Site-Setup or Implementation Fees

Are you paying a set-up fee now for software you are using for trainings? Vector Solutions never charges for setting up your custom Vector Solutions site or administrator training.

4. Custom “Policy Courses”

Deliver your district-specific policies in the Vector Solutions environment at no extra charge!

5. Track Your Offline Training, Too!

Vector Solutions enables you to track your offline training right alongside your online training.

Our Vector Solutions Safety Training Staff

Flor Lopez

HR Program Support Assistant
Email Flor Lopez

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