NCESD Staff Recognized for Leadership During 2021 NCESD Staff Awards Luncheon

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NCESD Staff Recognized for Leadership During 2021 NCESD Staff Awards Luncheon

Every year, the NCESD recognizes members of the staff who have demonstrated a positive attitude, shown a good team spirit, and displayed “servant leadership” throughout the year. This year, the NCESD staff celebrated the 30th year of awards during a special luncheon hosted at Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee. Congratulations to all of the award recipients for the 2021 NCESD Staff Awards!

Visionary Leadership in Service

Award recipients lead confidently with innovative and effective solutions, adaptability, advocacy, and commitment to deliver exceptional service to students, superintendents, and districts.

Jason Williams – Director of Finance

“Jason has solved so many challenges for my programs over the years. This year, though, he has offered an extraordinary need in our Student Assistance Program. Jason graciously and willingly jumped in to share his expert fiscal management skills, assisting AESD leadership to manage a successful and on-going effort to negotiate three large contracts with Health Care Authority that fund our SAP program. I am so grateful to Jason for representing our SAP staff and services, as well as our ESD fiscal interests, in this harrowing situation this year.”

Jennifer Chamberlain – Managing Director Information Service Center

“Jennifer’s commitment to Outstanding Service to her District, Outstanding Support to her team, Extraordinary Accomplishments with Qmlativ Migrations all while building solid great relationships with everyone she works with is what makes Jennifer a great leader.”

Cathy Meuret – NCESD School Nurse Corps Director

“Cathy is dedicated to providing mentorship for new school nurses in our region. This year, she secured grant funding to provide mentors for beginning school nurses in our region as well as initiated work on a Novice School Nurse Induction project that will establish a vision for best practices in supporting our entering school nurses.”

Michelle Price – Superintendent

“Honestly when I think of an amazing leader, I think of someone who is kind, considerate, grows others, positive, supporting, forgiving, honest, and humorous. Michelle exemplifies all those things. She is here for us, she is positive when we need it and are having a hard time, she is honest even when it is difficult to hear, she supports us in our success and failures, she has lef all of us and our school districts through a very challenging time. With that she has given permission to not be okay during this time and take a step back when needed. But also has challenged us to get back to it where we are needed most! I know I am fortunate and a stronger leader because of her and I believe our school districts are stronger because of her too.”

Outstanding Service Award

Award recipients commit to continual improvement of quality services or delivery of services to districts which will assist in the district’s ability to ignite student learning in our communities.

Jody Patrick – Payroll Specialist

“Jody has a tremendous amount of work on her plate and always approached it with a smile and a good attitude. She makes time for people even though she doesn’t always have the time to spare, and she goes the extra mile to make sure the job gets done. Jody continually goes above and beyond no matter the circumstance, ensuring our districts are receiving the best possible service.”

Mary Christle – Accounting Technician

“Mary is always asking others ‘How can I help?’ and her willingness to help and positivity has only increased over the last year. COVID has been challenging for all of us, but Mary has remained positive throughout it all and has been supporting us all. Working through billing changes and challenges, to helping create new processes and procedures to make sure we are working as efficiently and effectively as possible, she has been the support person making sure we don’t lose sight of our goal and keeps us moving forward.”

Tami McBride – Career Connected Learning Specialist

“Tami is an incredible asset to our team and the schools in our region. Her positive, can-do attitude makes her a joy to work with and her enthusiasm for making memorable, positive experiences for kids never ceases to inspire me! From bringing Grammy Award winning musicians and NFL stars to code with kids, to reworking a virtual career fair for 6th graders, she always brings fresh ideas and so much joy to the work we do.”

TEAM Award: Paraeducator Training Team (Judi Jensen, Shanna Brooks)

Judi and Shanna have provided excellent service this year to our regional paraeducators. They have become the “go-to” leaders in our region for paraeducator requirements and training. Shanna has done an outstanding job of helping to develop and deliver paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study training to paraeducators in our region.”

Outstanding Support Award

Award recipients exhibit an exceptionally positive attitude when working with fellow employees and district staff. Recipients serve as the catalyst or spark that creates extraordinary results.

Blaine Pellegrini – Netserv Support Technician

Blaine is an absolute pleasure to work with and he is exceptionally organized and is trusted with complex district projects. Filling in as a “tech director” in districts who don’t have anyone with this title, Blaine often calls meetings involving vendors, district staff, and ESD staff in order to make sure everyone has necessary info. On top of that, his attitude is top-notch and his sense of humor shines through during even the stressful times. He is the guy who continually goes above and beyond in his service to our districts and as a member of the NetServ team.”

Devon Owley – Netserv Support Technician

“Devon is always great to work with and he consistently stays on top of district tasks while looking forward to what could be needed in the future. Every district he visits has only the best things to say about him and over the years he’s definitely one of our more well-travelled techs!

Selena Sencion – Professional Services Team Receptionist

Selena holds the record for the MOST nominations in a year! “Selena has saved me twice… and with a smile. She has honed her Zoom co-host skills quickly and jumps in behind the scenes to paste resources into the chat box at just the right time.” She is the “face and voice” of the NCESD to those visiting and calling, and she delivers Outstanding Support each and every day with her positive, professional attitude and demeanor.

Suzanne Reister – Executive Director HR

“Washington State had a significant breach in the employment securities department creating serious fraud related to unemployment benefits. Suzanne noticed this and brought it to the attention not only in our agency but across the state. She spent hundreds of hours supporting staff and following up on unemployment documents to ensure our staff were not taken advantage of and that our unemployment pool had minimal impact. She also helped NCESD and districts throughout our region navigate the COVID close contact tracing and quarantine rules.”

TEAM Award: ISC Team (Teresa Cook, Irena Beebout, Natalie Mendez, Stacy Sims)

This team is truly an amazing group of individuals with an exceptionally positive attitude. I am so proud of this team and all they have accomplished this year! Each member of this team brings their own strengths, but together they are doing amazing things.”

Extraordinary Accomplishment Award

Award recipients hold themselves accountable for their efforts and measurable results, including dependability and follow through. They continue to look for ways to grow.

Anna Troutman – Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

“Anna started a virtual social-emotional program and led a team to focus on the needs of students across the state. MASH (Moving All to Success and Health) has been so successful, students ask to meet even when there is no school. Parents feel heard and connected to their local schools, while accessing community resources. Principals and teachers are seeing the increase in positive interactions with students. This is exciting and the data shows improvement in students’ behavior.”

Relationship Award

Award recipients build great relationships with staff and/or customers, based on integrity and trust. Recipients are easily or highly approachable, and their actions and conduct reflect the highest standards of honesty and ethics in relationships.

Janelle Bersch – Early Childhood Coordinator

“Janelle has flourished with many Early Learning changes this year. While she has managed funding changes, reporting requirements, and Covid phases, she has never let any management of paperwork get in her way of maintaining relationships with her staff and families. She has kept up clea communication and continues to bring people together, even after endless hours of Zoom. She is excellent at her job, but her connections and relationships are at the core of her success. She is always looking to serve families in the best possible way without forgetting about the wellbeing of her staff. She is a leader that walks the walk with her staff.”

Dina Elam – Program Assistant for Workers’ Comp/Unemployment/HR

“Dina is always helping our new employees navigate the complex world of benefits, training and policies. She always does it with a big smile and great attitude and makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. Dina has also been a huge resource and support for our districts.”

Staff Anniversary Recognition

In addition to the awards above, employees celebrating milestone anniversaries at the NCESD were recognized during the event. Congratulations to the following team members who make the NCESD what it is!

20 Year Anniversary

Pete Phillips

15 Year Anniversary

Suzie Morrison

10 Year Anniversary

Lesa Eiffert
Heather Small
Julie O’Donnell
Trevor Coates
Celeste Beaty

5 Year Anniversary

Irena Beebout
Cody Leatherman
Linda McKay
Frank Peca
Robin Richter
Andy Boyd
Mike Dingle
Rocio McClelland
Madison McNeil
Lisa Agnew-Santos
Cory Milbrandt
Drew Abercrombie
Will Borders

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NCESD Staff Recognized for Leadership During 2021 NCESD Staff Awards Luncheon