Focus on Education 2022

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Focus on Education 2022

Our communities are stronger when our schools are stronger, and we thank you for supporting your local school district.

Every year, North Central Educational Service District partners with the 29 public school districts in the region to thank our local communities for supporting their schools. This year we featured more than 20 student voices across social media, radio, and print media.

Click on the images below to hear from each student!

Chelan County Students

Alondra Serrato: Esta comunidad me a ayudado crecar como persona y me enogullece decir que soy parte de ella.

Alondra Serrato

Grade 12, Manson School District

Arden Paglia: I love my school because the Chelan faculty supports my academic and personal goals, and inspires me to challenge myself and try new things.

Arden Paglia

Grade 12, Lake Chelan School District

Juan Fonseca: I am grateful for my teachers who have always provided a welcoming environment. They not only care about their students' success but about getting to know them personally.

Juan Fonseca

Grade 11, Cascade School District

Lexi Quezada: My favorite part about school is how nice the students are and how much our teachers care about us. Everyone respects each other. Go Tigers!

Lexi Quezada

Grade 7, Entiat School District

Lucas Martyn: Due to our small school environment, we have a very tight-knit community. All the teachers are committed to the students' growth and the staff have a clear passion for education.

Lucas Martyn

Grade 11, Entiat School District

Mackenzie Marble: I am so grateful that I feel safe, secure, loved and confident at school and that I'll be ready for any challenges after high school.

Mackenzie Marble

Grade 12, Manson School District

Maggie Fidler: Office Manager Mrs. Deb Lewin is an important person to me. I see her everyday and she helps me feel better when I am having a hard day. She holds my hand to class and gives me high-fives.

Maggie Fidler

Grade 1, Wenatchee School District

Noah Broome

Grade 4, Manson School District

Robert Martin: I always look forward to culinary arts at the Tech Center. My teacher gave me encouragement and support, and because of that, I am a dependable worker and I love my job in the cafeteria at Central Washington Hospital.

Robert Martin

Wenatchee Valley Community Transitions at Wenatchee Valley Tech

Summer Pease: All of our staff at WHS are such amazing people. They are always willing to sit down, listen and make changes to help the student body.

Summer Pease

Grade 12, Wenatchee School District

Douglas County Students

Armando Baltazar: My teachers have supported me in many ways by offering the help I need. They have high expectations and create positive relationships.

Armando Baltazar

Grade 11, Mansfield School District

Cole Riggs: A forest isn't a forest without threes and here at Palisades, we grow to be big. No one feels along, and joy never dies.

Cole Riggs

Grade 5, Palisades School District

Kaylee Buenrostro: I love that my school is small and you get to know everyone like they're your family. 8th grade is the best because we get to run the leadership club and go on lots of field trips to learn about careers.

Kaylee Buenrostro

Grade 8, Orondo School District

Levi McKey: This school is the best because it has everything we need to learn.

Levi McKey

Grade 3, Palisades School District

Max Covarrubias: I love this school because it is a small place and everyone is willing to take tie out of their day to help you. It says a lot about how kind everyone is in Waterville.

Max Covarrubias

Grade 9, Waterville School District

Payton Dunning: I love our school because of the small, close-knit community. I feel more successful because I am comfortable with everyone and I know everyone.

Payton Dunning

Grade 12, Waterville School District

Grant County Students

Aldo Damian Vazquez: I came Mexico when I was. in1st grade, and it was hard for me because I didn't know any English, but I am proud of myself because I have learned a lot and I think I know 100% now.

Aldo Damian Vazquez

Grade 5, Quincy School District

Brandon Villeda Martinez: Yo soy de El Salvador. A mi me gusta mucha mi escuela porque hablan mucho Espanol y estoy aprendiendo cosas nuevas y también porque mi primo viene a esta escuela.

Brandon Villeda Martinez

Grade 2, Quincy School District

Colton Sachs: One of the primary lessons I have learned from school is the importance of always trying to maximize your potential and strive for something more than what you personally thought was possible for yourself.

Colton Sachs

Grade 12, Moses Lake School District

John Pierce: I am thankful for the staff at ACH. I appreciate the opportunities they bring forth to us and the time they dedicate to make the school feel like a safe environment.

John Pierce

Grade 11, Almira Coulee Hartline

Prairie Parrish: To me, ACH is a community of love. From amazing teachers devoting time to support my ambitions, to classmates being there for me everyday, along with a variety of opportunities to further my success. I know I am appreciated.

Prairie Parrish

Grade 12, Almira Coulee Hartline

Okanogan County Students

Ila Newman: From the time I was little, my teachers have encourages me to discover my full potential, grow as an individual, and ask for help when I need it.

Ila Newman

Grade 11, Methow Valley School District

Mayra Garcia and Eric Ramirez from Brewster School District

Mayra Garcia & Eric Ramirez

Brewster School District

Owen Painter: I love the unity our school has. We're a family and everyone has mutual respect for one another. I look forward to facing new challenges with my work and classes.

Owen Painter

Grade 12, Okanogan School District

Paulina Naranjo: I love that our school has excellent teachers. I look forward to my school's staff and their awesome joy and spirit.

Paulina Naranjo

Grade 11, Okanogan School District

Tyler Marshall: I love how the Okanogan student body supports everyone. If you ever attend an athletic event, you will see students there to cheer each other on.

Tyler Marshall

Grade 12, Okanogan School District

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Focus on Education 2022