NCESD announces staff awards

Published On: June 8th, 2017|Categories: Agency News, Awards, News|
NCESD announces staff awards

North Central Educational Service District (NCESD) has announced the winners of its annual staff awards. Winners were announced during a staff awards luncheon on May 19.

Winners recognized in the “Passion for Service” category include:

  • Dina Elam
  • Frank Pecka
  • Andy Boyd

Winners recognized in the “Outstanding Positive Attitude” category include:

  • Ami Collins
  • Brian Wilgus
  • Heather Small
  • Irena Beebout

Winners recognized in the “Relationships” category include:

  •  Catherine Mullin
  • Drew Abercrombie
  • Winnie Adams

Winners recognized in the “Goal Accomplishment” category include:

  • Eldene Wall
  • Karla Fahey
  • Sarah Novotney

Winners recognized in the “Leadership in Service” category include:

  • Trisha Schock
  • Janelle Bersch
  • Laura Brumfield
  • Suzie Broaddus

Each category has been established to reflect the core values of the NCESD.

In addition, the NCESD ProServ team received the NCESD Team Award for their unwavering support of the NCESD mission.

Employees were also honored for years of service to the NCESD. Team members recognized for five years of service to the NCESD include:

  • Kala Fahey
  • Janette Bumgarner
  • Nancy Zahn
  • Maurita Andrews
  • Suzanne Broadus
  • Katie Lawless
  • Dina Elam

Team members recognized for ten years of service to the NCESD include:

  • Kayla Sasseen
  • Brent Stark
  • Darlene Robbins
  • Amy McCubbin
  • Sandy Poole

Team members recognized for 15 years of service to the NCESD include:

  • Rosie Martin
  • Rich McBride
  • Jennifer Chamberlain
  • Suzanne Reister

Catherine Mullin was honored for 25 years of service to the NCESD.

“At the NCESD, our greatest asset is our team. We could not do the important work of supporting education in North Central Washington without the incredible talents of each member of the staff. It is a privilege to honor their efforts,” explained Superintendent Rich McBride.

The North Central Educational Service District is a resource to the 29 districts within the four-county service area, providing professional and timely tools to meet the needs of individual schools and districts, and a reliable point of education-related information for the communities served. The NCESD is a respected resource to other ESDs throughout Washington State.

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