NCESD to host Distance/Visual Learning Expert for training

Published On: April 8th, 2020|Categories: Event News, News, Professional Development News|
NCESD to host Distance/Visual Learning Expert for training

Superintendents, District Teaching & Learning Admin/Directors, Federal Programs, Special Services, and Principals….

In a very short time frame we are pleased to bring one of the top experts on how to do Distance/Virtual Learning, Jeff Utecht. The NCESD, in partnership with Jeff Utecht, has created a 3-week plan in supporting schools in the transition to distance education. This 3-week plan is being implemented by other Washington schools large and small across our state including Wenatchee and Moses Lake in our region. This 3-week implementation plan consists of laying out a structure for staff, students and parents so that an entire community can move to distance learning together.

We realize that every district is in a different place in their planning and implementation of distance learning.

We are ready to launch beginning Thursday, April 9th. YES…we said THIS THURSDAY! Our learning experiences will occur on April 9th at 9am with a Kick-Off for ALL educators in your districts, then we’ll meet again at 1:00pm with your Virtual Learning Team and will focus on hearing everyone’s story and starting to set out a plan for each district to start the implementation process.

The 3-week plan consists of:

Phase 1:Creating a Learning System
April 9th – Kick Off (60 minutes ALL Educators)
April 9th – Virtual Learning Team (90 minutes)
April 13th – Kick Off REPEATED (60 minutes for ALL Educators)
April 13th – Virtual Learning Team

Phase 2: Preparing for Learning
April 15th
April 16th

Phase 3 : New Learning begins
April 20th
April 24th
COST: $1000 District Team aka Virtual Learning Team (teams are comprised of 4 leaders who in essence are your implementation team)
*Districts can sign up more than one team.
ENROLL NOW: Google Form

What we know is that distance learning is not “moving school online”. School as we know it no longer exists and we must rethink teaching and learning through a distance learning lens. Two blog posts from Jeff Utecht help explain more on what we know is and is not working with distance learning.

Over the next 3-weeks, Jeff Utecht will support schools within the NCESD region via zoom virtual meetings as well as a private community for schools that feel they could use support and an outside voice. Additionally…

STEM Coop Members: If your district is a member of our STEM Professional Learning Coop you will receive unlimited technical assistance and coaching provided by our NCESD team at NO CHARGE!
NOTE…if you are not a STEM Coop member, it’s not too late to join. OR…if you would like technical assistance, please contact Pete or Linda for further information.

If you have any questions about enrolling and/or want further information, please contact Pete at or Linda at

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to provide you with this fabulous, on-demand professional learning and partnering with you.

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NCESD to host Distance/Visual Learning Expert for training