NCESD Staff Awards Luncheon 2022

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NCESD Staff Awards Luncheon 2022

Each year, the NCESD takes the time to acknowledge team members who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate what it truly means to lead, serve, and support. Throughout the year, these individuals have shown up with positive attitudes, exceptional team spirit, and displayed strong “servant leadership”. With a festive luncheon at Ohme Gardens, NCESD staff gathered to celebrate these esteemed leaders for the 31st year of awards. Congratulations to all of the recipients of the 2022 NCESD Staff Awards!

Each description below was submitted by a member of the NCESD team when they nominated the individual.

Visionary Leadership in Service

Award recipients lead confidently with innovative and effective solutions, adaptability, advocacy, and commitment to deliver exceptional service to students, superintendents, and districts.

Dr. Sue Kane – Director of STEM Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships

“Dr. Sue Kane exemplifies Visionary Leadership in Service every day! Dr. Kane leads tirelessly by example and with compassion. There is not a moment the betterment of our NCW students isn’t front and center in her mind. I believe she dreams in overdrive. Dr. Kane, or the maestro as she is often referred to (by me, at least), is a genius when conducting outreach, events, services and support. She leads by listening, lighting the way, and working alongside her teams. Sue brings a level of energy and wit to the room, making even the driest Zoom call spark. Dr. Kane leans into the work 100%, even the sticky, tricky and sometimes difficult. What then transpires is a deeper, more clear path to the ultimate goal — no ego, all integrity.”

Kevin Knoll – Managing Director of Network Services

“Kevin is always looking out for the best interest of each district while advocating that the NCESD is the best value in addition to having the expertise to handle whatever needs they might have. From helping with e-rate to various hosting services offered, he sets the bar for all of the NetServ team in offering exceptional service to the districts”.

Eric Johnson – Associate Director of Student Safety & Well-Being

“Eric took the lead on a new ESD service initiative this year to support our schools. He has created additional services, hired appropriate staff, and worked with school leaders to implement these new supports. As he forged into this new territory, he demonstrated innovation, flexibility, and great vision.”

Shelley Seslar – Managing Director of Behavioral Health Services

“Shelley is an incredible leader! She not only knows her job, her employees, and the in’s and out’s of the districts she helps serve, but she is a remarkable support for everyone. She shows up with a positive attitude, a kind word of encouragement, and is always supportive. She shows compassion to her employees, as well as everyone around her and allows for the human in all of us to shine. She shares such a gentle humanity with everyone she is working with (district staff, employees, etc.). She is a true Visionary Leader.”

Outstanding Service Award

Award recipients commit to continual improvement of quality services or delivery of services to districts which will assist in the district’s ability to ignite student learning in our communities.

Lisa Monahan – STEM Coordinator

“Lisa works diligently to ensure that the support and service she provides to our districts is excellent. She spends time and energy determining the district needs before embarking on her research to ensure that she is providing them with the best research, resources, examples, and support to meet those needs. This year, Lisa has worked hard to coordinate numerous volunteers, staff, and educators to expand the work she did in 2021 to host not one, but four STEAM in the Field events for districts in our region. These events take a tremendous amount of planning and organizing. She is a wonderful member of our team and we appreciate everything she does for our students and teachers.”

Natalie Mendez – Print Center Technician

“Some of my favorite new stories are those featuring an employee who goes about their day getting the job done, taking pride in their work, but probably never really giving much thought to whether or not anyone notices the work they do. Until the inevitable day, when they are surprised by an outpouring of appreciation by their co-workers. Natalie Mendez is one of those people. Each day, she comes into the office, ensuring all the bank’s files are submitted, jobs are printed, folded, packaged and shipped on time. She does this because she takes pride in delivering quality service to our districts”.

Brian Wilgus – Occupational Therapist

“Brian has done an outstanding job in customer service this past year in working with our early intervention families. He goes the extra mile in working with our families to get what their child is needing in support of equipment and other items as well as providing excellent therapy services!”

Team Award: Student Assistance Professionals Team (Amy McCubbin, Dylan Kling, Leigh Allison-Ray, Lesa Eiffert)

“Each of these committed Student Assistance Professionals have pushed through during the pandemic and returned to school to catch our students who have been struggling and falling from their paths to success more than ever. During this past year, our SAP team served more students at higher acuity with more hours of service to each than in any year before. They worked so hard to share their hearts, energy, and skills to keep our students as safe and healthy as they can be. They are heroes who gave more than ever to our kids this past year. Their service in this past year of need has been truly an outstanding representation of who they are as people, professionals, and valued NCESD colleagues.”

Please note: This award specifically recognized the Student Assistance Professionals who have been at NCESD for several years.

Outstanding Support Award

Award recipients exhibit an exceptionally positive attitude when working with fellow employees and district staff. Recipients serve as the catalyst or spark that creates extraordinary results.

Dr. Andy Boyd – Regional Math Coordinator and Science Specialist

“Andy often concludes a meeting or conversation with the phrase “Are we good? Are we okay?” and he genuinely means it. He truly wants to make sure that those he is working with feel comfortable, have their concerns addressed, and are ready to move forward. He goes out of his way to connect with everyone he works with across the district staff. He communicates positively and thoughtfully while providing outstanding support that sees great impact for others.”

Marc Anderson – Accounting Assistant

“This past year there have been a number of occasions where I’ve asked Marc to step away from his planned tasks for a day to provide back-up support in our print room operations area. Regardless of if these times are planned for in advance or last minute, Marc has always been willing to step in whenever possible. His positive attitude and willingness to support his fellow employee ensures no Payroll, Accounts Payable or print job goes unprocessed. His support allows us to guarantee continuity of service.”

Cari Haug – Regional Science Coordinator

“Cari has shown leadership multiple times this year across districts in our region. In Waterville School District, she has turned the process of looking at school data upside down and has engaged the teachers in an incredible data observation journey. She continues to be a pivotal resource around science education and has even been asked to be part of a national science education panel. She is incredible at working with universities, OSPI, and school districts to take an initiative or grant, and make the work come to life. So very lucky to have her here at the NCESD and her leadership.”

Julia O’Donnell – Systems Engineer

“How do you choose between all of the award categories when one individual checks off all the boxes? Julia is flat out dependable, period. She would probably be the first to tell you she doesn’t have all the answers all the time but she will always come back with a full solution in hand by doing the work needed to get those answers. She’s a true leader that sets the tone by her example of hard work, organizational skills, willingness to help out, and thoroughness. Not to mention, she goes out of her way to be friendly, approachable and great at offering her expertise to others. She’s often the first to respond to a request for help even when it doesn’t quite fit into her primary job description. She’s a true team player.”

Molly Naff – Administrative Assistant

“Molly provides exceptional support through her role. Her initiative and organizational skills keep things moving forward and ensure important tasks get completed in a timely and professional manner. Molly’s attention to detail and proactive planning greatly benefit the individuals she supports. Molly has been an absolutely incredible support this year.”

Team Award: NetServ Desktop Technicians (Adam Foged, Devon Owley, Nick Kerstetter, Blaine Pellegrini, Eric Freund, Josiah Crouch, Cody Leatherman, Daniel Martinez)

“Over the last couple years our Desktop Support Technicians have been challenged in ways very few could have anticipated. There has been a lot said about how teachers and others have had to adapt to remote learning and find new ways to teach and that is all true. But behind the scenes are our Desktop Techs that are making this all possible. They do all the little things that are usually taken for granted and are seldom acknowledged. They’ve battled on the front lines of support and they’ve done it all with great attitudes and a spirit of serving. With remote work and flexible schedules being implemented for a lot of staff, the desktop crew continued to work in the schools and buildings to keep the technology running. They were a key factor to our schools being able to implement on-line and remote learning.”

Extraordinary Accomplishment Award

Award recipients hold themselves accountable for their efforts and measurable results, including dependability and follow through. They continue to look for ways to grow.

Cari Horning – Career Connected Learning Specialist

“Cari has been an incredible resource to the schools in Grant County this fall. She teamed up with AVID teachers at four different high schools and coordinated over 60 guest speakers to highlight their career paths and make personal connections with students. Her can-do positivity and drive to make a meaningful impact for students across the region is an inspiration to our team – we are so grateful that she chooses to put her super skills to work for our team!”

Carly Reiser – Speech Language Pathologist

“Carly is both extraordinary and accomplished. Most recently, she completed an additional Masters Degree in Bilingual Education while working full time. Throughout her five years with NCESD, Carly has served students of all ages including many students with Autism. She is an expert in communication devices, has extended her inclusive speech therapy practices, has led adult professional development in her districts and at the NCESD, has translated many IEP and evaluation meetings, and somehow managed to guide two interns this year. She is a wonderful teacher, true lifelong learner, and a valuable resource in our 171 region.”

Robin Richter – Business Software Support Analyst

“Robin is excellent in the Fiscal Coordinators team. She has great follow through and is continuously looking for ways to grow to make sure everyone gets the assistance they need. She leads the Information Service Center Business team fearlessly, and meets with each team member throughout the week to support and mentor them in their learning while continually assessing and adjusting the team’s practices. She is truly committed to improving the quality of our services and it shows in the positive feedback we have been receiving from the clients we support.”

Kathryn Metcalfe – Warehouse Supervisor

“Kathryn has done an amazing job of organizing and streamlining the science kit refurbishment process. She has an attention to detail, workflow, and an incredible ability to track and inventory a billion science pieces. She makes sure that all kits are stocked, organized and delivered to our schools 3 times every year. If there was ever a person that had the perfect skillset to do a job, this would be Kathryn.”

Staff Anniversary Recognition

In addition to the awards above, employees celebrating milestone anniversaries at the NCESD were recognized during the event. Congratulations to the following team members who make the NCESD what it is!

30 Year Anniversary

Cathy Mullin

20 Year Anniversary

Jennifer Chamberlain

Suzanne Reister

15 Year Anniversary

Amy McCubbin

Kayla Sasseen

10 Year Anniversary

Suzie Broaddus
Karla Fahey

5 Year Anniversary

Ana Bernal
Donna Drollinger
Ric Escobedo
Paul Harrison
Cari Haug
Sue Kane
Samantha Laskey
Kate Lindholm
Cathy Meuret
Lynell Morrison – Nelson
Michelle Price
Carly Reiser

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