Students visit Museum of Flight

Published On: November 16th, 2018|Categories: News|
Students visit Museum of Flight

The North Central Educational Service District (NCESD) provided a day-long training for 36 middle school students. The field trip took the students to the Museum of Flight in Seattle and was held November 8. The funding for the field trip and training was provided by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America, Inc.

The students are part of a Flight and Space class at both Frontier and Endeavor Middle Schools in Moses Lake.

The day included participation by a member of the Air Force and an Aviation Learning class, and is part of the STEM education coordinated by the NCESD.

“We really appreciate the support of the NCESD and the Apple STEM Network in allowing us to work closely with the Moses Lake School District. This was a full day of hands-on learning and we’re thrilled to participate,” said Morgan Heysse of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America, Inc.

The Museum of Flight is the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world. With over 175 aircraft and spacecraft, tens of thousands of artifacts, millions of rare photographs, dozens of exhibits and experiences and a world-class library, the Museum and its people bring mankind’s incredible history of flight to life.


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Students visit Museum of Flight