Vaping: Alternatives to Suspension

Vaping, a Red Flag for Student Support

The 2016 Healthy Youth Survey revealed that Washington State students who reported vaping, smoking, and using tobacco were far more likely to also be using other substances, experiencing depressive symptoms, and thinking about suicide.  While youth smoking and vaping are often more likely to be observable, these serious associated behaviors often are not readily seen until their impact has become very serious.  Thus, students who are found to be smoking and/or vaping can be considered to be giving us an early-warning indicator that they may very well be in need of social-emotional care and screening for interventions.

Vaping Discipline: Alternatives to Suspension 

NCESD Recommendations for Targeted Interventions for VAPING
Consider these intervention recommendations as alternatives, or “other forms of discipline,” to short- or long-term suspensions or in-school suspensions (i.e., exclusionary discipline).

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