Elevate your school district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program with the NCESD CTE Program Director Cooperative.

About the Cooperative

The NCESD CTE Program Director Cooperative is dedicated to transforming your school district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. With a visionary approach, we ensure compliance, innovation, and success. Our team specializes in crafting and developing graduation pathways that align with students’ future plans and lead them to living wage careers.

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Contact Us Today

Linda Dezellem

NCESD Career & Technical Education Specialist
509-888-7047 | LindaD@ncesd.org

Support Included

  • Advisory Committee Management & Meetings

    • School Board – State of CTE presentations
    • Strategic plan visioning
  • Budget

    • Monthly enrollment
    • Program budgets
  • CTE Instructor Support

    • School Improvement work
    • Certifications
    • Job Descriptions and assist with hiring
    • Provide information to administrators for evaluations
    • Extended Learning Contract documentation
  • Curriculum

    • Framework assistance and submission
    • Annual framework review with instructors
  • Grant Applications and Management

    • Budgets, Compliance
    • Competitive Grants (Perkins Reserve, Non-Traditional Fields, Career Prep & Launch, Computer Science, CTE High Demand, Core Plus Grants, etc.)
    • Formula Grants (Perkins)
  • Program Compliance

    • End of Year Reporting
    • Program Review & Support
    • Teacher certification verification
    • Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment – CLNA