Family Engagement / Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent involvement in the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is crucial for the success and well-being of migrant students. The active engagement of parents in their children’s education helps create a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

What is PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)?

A Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a group of parents or guardians of migrant students who come together to provide input, guidance, and support for the development and improvement of the MEP at the school or district level. The establishment of a PAC is a common practice in education programs, including those specifically designed to meet the needs of migrant students. The committee plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration between parents, school staff, and program coordinators.

Parent Leadership Day

Among our services we provide a Parent Leadership day that includes the whole family. Activities during the day include extended learning for children, lunch and team building activities with testimonials from parents of successful migrant students.

New PAC Training

Provided in your district with a review of your bylaws, officer election support, annual planning, and collaboration with other PACs and agencies.