Identification, Recruitment and Records

Migrant Records Clerk

The position involves enrolling eligible migrant students, maintaining up-to-date files, and collaborating with school staff for accurate educational data entry. It requires working with building secretaries, MEP Recruiters, and the school nurse to identify and enroll migrant children while attending mandatory training sessions. The Records Clerk is responsible for reviewing MSIS reports, ensuring accuracy, and generating reports for analysis by the MEP Grant Coordinator to facilitate data management within the system.


The role involves actively identifying and recruiting eligible migrant children aged 0 through 21, establishing a network with organizations serving migrant populations, and completing Certificates of Eligibility promptly. Responsibilities also include annual revalidation of families’ recent move information, disseminating information about the Migrant Education Program, and referring families to relevant services. Meticulous documentation, including a recruiter log, and attending required training sessions are essential for staying updated on skills and information relevant to the role. Overall, the position focuses on comprehensive identification, recruitment, and support for the educational needs of migrant children and their families within the community.