Out of School Youth

Migrant out-of-school youth face unique challenges that require attention and targeted interventions. Out-of-school youth refers to individuals who are of compulsory school age (ages 16-21) but are not enrolled in formal education. Some key considerations regarding migrant out-of-school youth are educational access and disruptions, language and cultural challenges, economic pressures, and community involvement. 

By addressing these aspects, stakeholders can work together towards creating an inclusive and supportive environment for migrant out-of-school youth, providing them with opportunities for educational attainment, skill development, and overall well-being


  • OSY professional learning community (PLC)
  • Re-engagement support and services to Out-of-School Youth ages 16-21 years old
  • Support and services to H2A migrant eligible youth
  • Family Engagement Training to Districts
  • Training and Technical Assistance for Migrant Graduation Specialists, Student Advocates, and Recruiters
  • Referrals & Resources