Threat Assessment Services & Forms

The North Central ESD Threat Assessment team provides a variety of services and support to regional school district threat assessment programs.

  • Training key staff in schools regarding the Level I threat assessment process of assessing behaviors or situations of concern
  • Coordination of Level II threat assessments in which a trained multidisciplinary team meets with key school staff to assess risk and assists in management and intervention planning
  • Consultation, coordination and follow up as services provided

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Level 1 Assessment

Our team will train school staff to complete the Level 1 Threat Assessment. Components of this Assessment include:

  • Level 1 Protocol
  • Parent Interview
  • Staff questionnaire
  • Student Interview
  • Student Witness form

Upon the completion of the Level 1 Threat Assessment, a safety support plan is developed. In addition, a referral may be made for a Level 2 Threat Assessment.

Level 2 Assessment

Our team can support your school staff when a Level 2 Threat Assessment is requested. During a Level 2 Threat Assessment, the team expands to include community partners who have been trained in Threat Assessment and Threat Management.

These partners include members from law enforcement, mental health, juvenile justice, and children’s services. They provide recommendations for resources and additional support in developing a plan for the student with the goal of increasing safety for the student, school, and community.