Fiscal Services

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We provide fiscal and business management support, guidance, and advice to the 29 school districts in our region.

When a district is in need of guidance when undertaking a new project, completing a State-required report, or is struggling with navigating the complex educational financial and regulatory environment, the NCESD Fiscal Services team is here to help. The team can provide support through counseling, advice, on-site collaboration, and issue review.

District support and guidance:

  • Business Manager Forums
  • OSPI/SAO Compliance Guidelines
  • State/Federal Reporting Support
  • Reporting Training
  • Superintendent/Business Manager Relations
  • Business Office Advice
  • Temporary Staff Back-Up Support
  • Accounting and Business Office Best Practices Support

Fiscal Services Staff

Trisha Schock

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Email Trisha Schock

Angela Allred

Business Manager Trainer
Email Angela Allred

Debbie Cook

Business Manager Trainer
Email Debbie Cook

Jason Williams

Executive Director of Finance
Email Jason Williams

Jody Patrick

Payroll Specialist
Email Jody Patrick

Katie Hamersky

Payroll Specialist
Email Katie Hamersky

Marc Anderson

Accounting Assistant
Email Marc Anderson

Mary Christle

Accounting Assistant
Email Mary Christle

Nicole Courtney

External Business Manager
Email Nicole Courtney

Nikkie Maceda

External Business Manager
Email Nikkie Maceda

Stacy Steinburg

Payroll Specialist
Email Stacy Steinburg

Suzie Morrison

Accounting Assistant
Email Suzie Morrison

Tamar Burns

Payroll Manager Trainer
Email Tamar Burns

Latest Program News

NCESD Rolls Out Bicycle Education To First Schools In Region

January 24th, 2024|

As part of the historic Move Ahead Washington transportation bill, passed in March 2022, a school-based bicycle safety education program is rolling out to grades 3-8 Physical Education classes across Washington. NCESD has been selected by the grant provider, Cascade Bicycle Club, as a first-year partner and has already delivered bikes to four schools in North Central Washington.

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