The Apple STEM Network is a regional alliance of K-12, Higher Ed and community partners in North Central Washington. We represent a diverse region with tremendous potential for STEM industry in agriculture, energy and innovation. With our collective efforts we intend to:

  • Provide a constructive support system for educators who aim to meet the rising challenge for all students to develop 21st century skills and STEM literacy
  • Integrate community mentorship and promote authentic project-based learning and field experiences for all levels of education
  • Engage students in exploring the world of opportunities on the horizon through STEM.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is an approach to learning that removes the traditional barriers separating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and integrates them into real-world problem solving and relevant learning experiences for students.

STEM in itself is not a curriculum, but rather a way of organizing and delivering instruction by weaving the four disciplines together in intentional ways. Rather than adding two new subjects to the curriculum, the engineering and technology practices are intentionally woven into existing math and science lessons in ways that engage students and help them master 21st century skills.

For more information visit the Apple STEM website or contact Dr. Sue Kane, the NCESD Director of STEM Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

Apple STEM Network