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Engaging Teacher Leaders in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Early Learning

The Fellows are a growing network of Washington State educational leaders who expand their capacity to improve student learning through ongoing professional learning and leadership development within their local context and in partnership with school districts, educational service districts, community agencies, and state organizations.

The Fellows’ Network is distributed across four content areas in all nine ESD regions of the state. There were 533 New & Returning Fellows and 230 Emeritus Fellows in 2020-21. Learn more about 2020-21 distribution

The vision of the Fellows’ Network is that the impact of the fellows will result in measurable growth for every student, in every learning environment, in Washington by working together to develop a sense of community, ownership, and responsibility.

District/Organization Benefits of the Fellows’ Network

  • Gain in-house expertise
  • Expand opportunities to build teacher leaders
  • Access current approaches and strategies to content learning

NCESD Fellows’ Experiences

“The Fellows program was career changing for me.  Fellows opened doors to many opportunities for me to grow as an educator and leader.”
“Being a Fellow empowered me to be an agent of change and help others in my building and district improve the science education of students throughout the district beyond my classroom.”

“Because of the professional development offered, I was able to deepen the science experiences for my own students in ways that included more authentic learning.”

“I absolutely love working with others. I have learned a great deal from people in our region and our state.”

“I appreciated the cohort experience – even virtual! I loved being able to collaborate and learn more about formative assessment during such a challenging year!”

“Comparing notes and offering support to each other around the state as we all navigate such different teaching circumstances.”

The Fellows’ Network is a group of over 500 instructional leaders convened by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) to support district and community implementation of state learning standards in mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and science; and of the Early Learning Guidelines. Regional ESD coordinators, in collaboration with OSPI content-area leadership, convene the Fellows four times per year to engage in shared learning. New Fellows participate in an orientation meeting prior to the four convenings. Common to all four areas is a commitment to build content learning and instructional leadership, with a focus on equity. While Fellows do not need to commit to every year of this three-year program, those who do will experience deeper and expanded learning in the topics of leadership, adult learning, change management, content area knowledge, equity, use of data and analytics, and student growth.

Fellows complete an application (including assurances). ESD regional coordinators lead the selection process. Application cycles open annually in April. ESDs will notify applicants in late summer. See the OSPI website for more information.

  • Fulfill the obligations outlined in the Fellows’ Assurances.
  • Collaborate throughout the year with district, building, program, or agency administrators to discuss, create and document the ongoing Fellow’s Action Plan and Reflection Tool. The plan outlines how the Fellow’s leadership will support the school and/or community’s learning standards (math, ELA, science) or early learning implementation.
  • Implement learning from the Fellows’ meetings within your own instructional practice and support other teachers’ initiative/outcome goals in Washington State Learning Standards in math, ELA, science; or Early Learning Guidelines.
  • Submit completed Fellow’s Plan to the ESD Regional Coordinator/Advisor at the end of the school year.
  • English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Early Learning: Attend and participate in a minimum of four one-day regional Fellows’ convenings. New Fellows attend an additional orientation meeting. Convenings may take place in-person, remote, or hybrid.
  • Science: Attend and participate in a minimum of four convenings (One two-day statewide convening and three one-day regional convenings). New Fellows attend an additional orientation meeting. Convenings may take place in-person, remote or hybrid.
  • With the Fellow, collaboratively review, agree to, and sign the Assurances.
  • In the fall, collaborate with the Fellow to complete the Fellow’s Action Plan and Reflection Tool.
  • Meet with the Fellow after each Fellows’ convening to revisit and update the Fellow’s action plan.
  • Support travel and substitute costs associated with all Fellows’ professional learning convenings.

Become A Fellow

The Washington State Fellows’ Network, a three-year program, is a group of instructional leaders convened by the OSPI and the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) to support district and community implementation of state learning standards in mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), science, and the Early Learning Guidelines.

All applicants are encouraged to consider a multi-year commitment to reap the full benefits of the program; prospective applicants who can commit to only one year may still participate.

View/download our 2021-22 informational flyer

New & Returning Fellows

Before completing the application you need to download the Fellows’ Assurances and meet with your district, building, program, or agency administrator to discuss the assurances and obtain all signatures. Applications are closed for the 2021-22 school year.

Applications are Closed

Emeritus Fellows

The Washington State Fellows’ Network has steadily grown since its inception in 2013 to include more content areas and instructional leaders. Fellows who have participated for more than three years “graduate” may elect to become Emeritus Fellows. Emeritus Fellows remain connected to the Fellows’ Network, with opportunities for leadership through local, regional, and/or state initiatives, should they so choose.

Applications Are Closed

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Andy Boyd

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Barbara Nuxoll

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