About Mathematics

Regional Math Coordinators at each of the nine ESDs in Washington are part of a statewide system developed to improve instruction and increase student achievement in mathematics.

Statewide, Regional Math Coordinators work together to:

  • Provide timely updates on state and local initiatives
  • Contribute to statewide initiatives and projects
  • Connect interested educators with opportunities to be involved
  • Coordinate the Washington State Mathematics Fellows program
  • Design, deliver, and organize in-person and online professional learning opportunities for math educators and instructional leaders
  • Curate and share relevant resources and tools to support successful implementation of math standards, and promote best practices for assessment and instruction

Regionally, we provide customized support for district and school mathematics initiatives. Whether you are seeking a one-day course for teachers, or you are in need of longer-term support to improve math learning outcomes we can provide a wide-range of services and assistance. Common requests include:

  • Design and implement professional learning for teachers, coaches, or administrators
  • Provide consultation and guidance to district or school math leaders
  • Facilitate teams of teachers to analyze student work, observe classroom practice, or create long or short-range plans for mathematics
  • Conduct classroom demonstrations or observations, and provide feedback and coaching for teachers
  • Support the instructional materials review process

Mathematics Online

Each course below is designed to give participants high-quality professional learning opportunities to increase their practice in the field of mathematics. Click the courses below to register for the next start date. To complete the course you will have from the start date to the end date to finish the outlined course work. Most courses will have a timeline of about three months. Since these are designed as collaborative courses you will have weekly assignments and discussion posts to complete. Make sure you follow the directions of each module and complete the course by the end date to earn your clock hours and get the most out of the professional learning opportunity. If you have any questions please contact the course instructors or your Regional Math Coordinator.

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For all other statewide Online Courses through the AESD/OSPI Partnership please go to The Learning Space.

Family Letters: K-5 Math Core Curriculum Resource

The NCESD Math Team has compiled resources from the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The Family Letters serve as a great resource for schools to share with families throughout the year. Each letter provides families an overview of the math content students are learning in the classroom, as well as suggestions for how families can support their students at home.

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Readiness for Math: Grades 6-8 Resources

The NCESD Math Team has compiled a variety of resources to assist in Summer School programming to help students practice their math over the summer break.

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Our Mathematics Staff

Andy Boyd

Regional Math Coordinator
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STEM Education Specialist
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STEM Education Specialist
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