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In coordination with Wenatchee ISD and the Chelan PUD, NCESD developed this exciting field trip for fourth graders in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties that integrates information on power generation, the Columbia River, and salmon migration.  Taking place at Chief Joseph Dam and Chelan Falls Dam in the fall, and Rocky Reach Dam in the spring, River of Power serves almost 1,600 students in NCW every single year.  Students have the opportunity to tour the hydroelectric dams, view the fish passage, learn about energy transfer, and design and build their own dams with their peers.  Students learn that our mountains and streams provide a unique hydropower bounty on the Columbia River, that’s not only a clean, but renewable resource for the entire Northwest.

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Science Cadre Member

Jane Schuyleman
Professional Services Team Secretary


Lesson 1: The Columbia River – A River of Power

Lesson 1 Text

Headwaters of the Columbia River


  7 minutes

Read  “Voyage to the Pacific,” Straddle the Columbia, pp. 3-5

Voyage to the Pacific (.pdf file)


River of Words

Lesson 4: Stakeholders of the Columbia River – Salmon and Native American

Lesson 4 Text  



Journey of the King – 22 minutes 

Memories of the Water – 8:19 minutes

Sternwheelers on the Columbia – 17:8 minutes

Read “Voyage to the Pacific,” Paddle the Upper River, pp 5-6


Legend of the Lost Salmon – A Yakima Legend (link)

How Coyote Made the Columbia River

Life Cycle sort cards

Life Cycle Narration Cards

Additional Resources and LINKS

Salmonids in Troubled Waters  

*** Check out the Games!  Includes: Salmon Dissection and a survival game.***

Thank you – Michelle Lieberg, Eastmont

Follow the lifecycle of a Chinook salmon… 
Salmon Life Cycle – GC PUD
 ( drawings and poster)

SALMON life Cycle Poster

The Amazing Journey of the Columbia River Salmon

Fish of the Mid-Columbia River

Smell Your Way Home” Salmon Life Cycle Poster  

Lesson 5: Other Stakeholders

Lesson 5 Text

Read Voyage to the Pacific part 2 “Paddle the Upper River.” pp 5-6

Lesson 7: Magnetism and Electrical Circuits








Lesson 7 – Text


Dynamo Flashlight Teacher Key

Lesson 7 Photos

Black Line Master

Investigation – Electro Magnet

Dynamo Flashlight – StudentTest Object – Electrical

Test Objects – Magnetism

Test Object – Electrical

Lesson 9: Salmon and Hydropower

Lesson 9 Text


Assessment – Lesson 9


Power and Fish – 8 minutes

Chelan County Dept. of Natural Resources – Salmon Recovery

(includes link to “Getting It Done” video – 11:36 minutes)

Read  “Voyage to the Pacific” From Lake Roosevelt to the Grand Coulee Dam, Paddling a Desert River pp 12-17    


Columbia River Basin Watershed & Its Ecosystem (FWEE)

Salmon Rescue Activity Book

The Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book

Our River of Power Staff

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