About Student Support Services

The goal of the NCESD Student Support Services Department is to assist our school personnel to build supportive learning environments through the continuous development of age-appropriate prevention and intervention services. As the use of substances and involvement with violence have been linked in research to academic failure, our mission is to remove non-academic barriers to learning in order to become productive, secure, and self-sufficient members of their communities.

Areas of focus include:

  • Student Assistance Prevention & Intervention Services Program (for students at-risk of substance use or impacted by others’ use)
  • Healthy Youth Survey support & data training
  • Educational Advocates (for students at-risk of juvenile justice involvement)
  • Student Threat Assessment (for school-based teams to assess, monitor, and support students at-risk  for violent behaviors)
  • Readiness To Learn early intervention staffing cooperative (via Title 1/LAP funding, for at-risk students experiencing non-academic barriers to learning)
  • Suicide Prevention & Intervention training & technical assistance to schools
  • Signs of Suicide prevention program trainer for school implementation
  • Check & Connect (Tier 3 intervention) program trainer for school administrators, coordinators, & mentors
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) training & technical support for school response
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer for school staff
  • Mental Health in High Schools health curriculum trainer for school teachers and/or school counselors
  • Improvement Science

Currently Funded Programs

  • CPWI SAPISP sites
  • Educational Advocate sites
  • Highly Capable cooperative
  • Calendar of annual HiCap activities
  • WaKIDS teacher training
  • Readiness To Learn cooperative
  • Equity & Measures


Staff Training Menu

Areas of Initiative

  • CHI/ACH/Opioid Workgroup
    1.  Healthy Youth Survey
  • Education Advocate, Title I Part D
  • Highly Capable
  • Early Childhood
  • Equity & Measures
    1.  HB 1541
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences/School-Based Response to Trauma
  • Social-Emotional Learning/Washington State K-12 SEL Standards
  • McKinney-Vento Homeless TA support
  • School-based Mental Health
  • School Counselor support

Student Support Services Programs