Resource: Love Is Respect

2024-01-29T12:07:38-08:00January 29th, 2024|Behavioral Health|

Love is Respect is an online resource for older teens and young adults. Its primary focus is on intimate partner relationships with emphasis on “being on the same page” with one’s partner regarding definitions, boundaries and consent, “an ongoing mutual agreement between partners about what they want to experience.”

Resource: Teen Health Hub WA

2024-01-03T13:24:45-08:00January 3rd, 2024|Behavioral Health|

The Washington State Department of Health has recently published a new webpage, Teen Health Hub WA, or The Hub. Created by the Department of Health Adolescent and Young Adult Health Team, in consultation with teens and young adults in Washington State, including a dedicated Youth Advisory Board, the page is designed for continuous expansion.

How Do Hobbies Help Mental Health?

2024-01-03T13:15:58-08:00January 3rd, 2024|Behavioral Health|

Whether through involvement in extracurricular student groups, in-school enrichment opportunities, or classes such as art and shop, students can benefit greatly from learning skills that are applicable to hobbies at home – both now while they are in school and in their futures as adults.

Service Learning

2023-11-05T10:18:55-08:00November 5th, 2023|Behavioral Health|

As we enter the holiday season, it may be a good time to consider conducting a unit of service learning in your classroom. For secondary students, a service learning unit might begin before the Thanksgiving break and continue until the semester ends late in January. For elementary students, a unit of service learning that begins upon students’ return from their Thanksgiving break and ends just before Winter Break may be enough.

Video: The Science of Gratitude

2023-11-05T10:01:23-08:00November 5th, 2023|Behavioral Health|

This two-minute video, The Science of Gratitude, emphasizes the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of practicing gratitude. Ten sources of further information are listed at the end of the video.

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