The School Nurse Corps (SNC) is a statewide program funded by the legislature with a nurse administrator based at each Educational Service District (ESD). The SNC program offers:

· Consultation, information and assistance to all school districts regarding student health and school health issues and systems.

· Registered nurse services for eligible school districts with little or no school nursing services according to state mandated criteria and documented need.

· Educational resources for school districts, school staff and families through online resources and professional development events and workshops.

· Partnership with schools, families, communities and understanding of state and federal health and education regulations.

The NCESD SNC Nurse Administrator manages the program and provides direct service to all school districts in the ESD.  These direct services encompass consultation, recruitment and retention support, assessment of ESD-wide student and school health services data, mentoring, and partnering with community agencies.  The SNC Administrator coordinates professional development in collaboration with ESD and community partners.  The educational workshops target school nurses and school colleagues in addressing student health and healthy school environments.  Regular and ongoing collaboration with OSPI Health Services Program is part of the role of the NCESD SNC Nurse Administrator.