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Scientists and science educators in the Wenatchee Valley have been gathering for the past few years for weekly seminars to catalyze the development of an engaged regional scientific community. Each series features the research of local scientists and invited guest speakers.

This year’s events are held at the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee, and are open to the public. Join us for this great opportunity to learn about the incredible research in our own backyard. Prior registration is not required to attend these events.

This project is supported by a grant from Our Valley Our Future. Other supporters include: NCESD, Apple STEM Network, WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, Wenatchee Valley College, and USDA Research Station.

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Combining Mangos and Wild Mangos: The Wango Origin Story

Presented by Thiago Campbell, PhD Student, Washington State University

Domestication of mangos has brought about a potential genetic bottleneck that is not as disease-resistant or adaptable to changing climactic conditions.

Through numerous years of collecting trips in Southeast Asia, over 69 different wild mango species have been identified and collected, with germplasm of many located in Puerto Rico and Florida, among other places. These wild mangos were successfully crossbred with the common mango (Mangifera indica) to create new interspecific hybrids, now referred to as ‘wangos’.These new fruits are in the earliest stages of development and require many years of testing for flowering induction, precocity, fruit quality, etc., but they serve as a sign of the genetic potential available to create new fruits with a novel marketing opportunity.

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The seminar presentations are intended for a ‘science-based’ audience, including researchers, postdoctoral scientists, teachers, graduate students, undergraduate scientists, and science enthusiasts.

K-12 educators are also encouraged to attend the seminar series to learn about local career connections and research efforts that they can bring back to their students. Clock hours are available through the North Central Educational Service District for attending the series.

Date & Time

Wednesday, February 7
4:00pm – 5:00pm


WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

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1 Clock Hours Available for Purchase

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