Evidence Based Practices: The MTSS Journey Blog Series

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Evidence Based Practices: The MTSS Journey Blog Series

Evidence Based Practices

How do we know that our strategies are effective? How do we know that what we are doing makes a difference? What if I told you there is a way to predict effectiveness before we even start?

One way to know is to check if the strategy we are employing is truly evidence based.

We have all heard the term “research based.” In other words, a strategy has been proven effective theoretically or in a controlled trial.

Evidence based means it has been fully implemented in a typical school with typical resources and found successful.

Another tip, take a look at who conducted the studies.

Was it done without affiliation to the creator of the product? Was it consistently documented to have a positive effect with all students? If we choose wisely from the start, we can feel confident in our efforts towards success.

Once we’ve determined a strategy is evidence based, we can then see what will be a good fit for our students in our community. As educators, it’s important to have a variety of tools as every student is different and has diverse strengths and abilities. Choosing the one based on the group or individual we are working with is key. It may have been effective for one student and not another. Once we find the right fit, students begin to experience success.

Success leads to higher self-confidence. Higher self confidence in individuals can lead to a higher collective efficacy when organizations begin to meet their goals. This builds a momentum of winning. Remember how we talked about how everyone needs to experience winning to build more wins? Once we’ve selected the right tools, we can then engage in our own team driven practices to ensure success.

Curious to learn more about evidence based practices?

Check out What Works Clearinghouse. It’s a website sponsored by the Department of Education to vet strategies employed in schools.

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About The MTSS Journey Blog Series

In 2022, North Central ESD’s past MTSS Specialist, Stephanie Andler, shared her knowledge on all things Multi-Tiered System of Supports and how regional school districts can implement the strategies in this blog series.

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Evidence Based Practices: The MTSS Journey Blog Series


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