North Central Career Connect Washington Network Secures Grant Funding

Published On: July 12th, 2023|Categories: Agency News, News, Program News|
North Central Career Connect Washington Network Secures Grant Funding

The North Central Career Connect Washington (CCW) Network was established in 2019 under Governor Inslee’s Career Connect Washington Initiative launch and has received annual funding to support the effort through a competitive grant process. The North Central CCW Network is excited to announce that it has successfully secured $394,000 in grant funding through the Washington State Employment Security Department to support the regional collaborative effort through June of 2025.

The North Central CCW Network (The Network) aims to provide a multitude of developmental paths leading to high-demand, family-wage careers in the local communities, and is committed to rebuilding local workforce development pathways to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive in their chosen careers.

The Network has developed four key strategies aimed at addressing inequities and providing equal opportunities for all young adults in the North Central Washington region.

  1. Building Capacity: The North Central CCW Network will continue to support schools, colleges, and workforce training providers in expanding access to career programs through strategic partnerships. The regional network will work collectively to recruit, support and sustain career connected program builders across the region to support youth. The network will also work to provide resources, and advocate for improved policies to ensure that young adults have continued access to career-connected learning experiences aligned with high-demand, family-sustaining jobs.
  2. Expanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) Access: The North Central CCW Network will sustain its collaboration with school districts and the NCESD 171 career-connected learning team to expand CTE programs for students in grades 7-12 and workforce programs at the post-secondary level. Over the last two years, the regional network has celebrated the expansion of CTE programs across the region. Ongoing efforts will be made to develop and implement regional strategies that maximize student access, promoting equal opportunities across the four rural counties.
  3. Enhancing Student Engagement: The North Central CCW Network will persist in its partnership with educational leaders and community-based organizations to improve student engagement, recruitment, and support. Regional partnerships have blossomed to reach additional youth and young adults across the region. Through ongoing initiatives, the network will work towards ensuring that program participation reflects the overall student population in terms of race, gender, and income.
  4. Improving Student Experience and Outcomes: The North Central CCW Network remains committed to continuously enhancing the student experience and outcomes. It will continue to provide professional learning opportunities and foster partnerships to improve the quality of programming. Additionally, the network will advocate for additional resources to address persistent barriers such as transportation, access to professional experiences, technology, and higher education, ensuring ongoing equitable opportunities for youth in North Central Washington.

By implementing these four strategies, the North Central Career Connect Washington Network is dedicated to promoting equity, improving system capacity, and providing all young adults in the region with equal opportunities to succeed. For more information, please visit the career connected learning website or contact Dr. Sue Kane at or Aaron Parrott at

About Career Connect Washington
Career Connect Washington was created by Governor Jay Inslee, with support and funding provided by the Washington State Legislature, to provide our state’s young people with expanded opportunities to gain real-world experience through a fully integrated career-connected learning system. Businesses, labor, educators, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and many others have come together to create a strategy for making these opportunities available in every part of our state to every student as part of their academic journey.

About North Central Career Connect Washington (CCW) Network
The North Central Career Connect Washington (CCW) Network is a collaborative partnership between the Apple STEM Network (represented by the North Central Educational Services District) and the SkillSource Regional Workforce Board. The North Central CCW Network believes that all students in Washington deserve a future of purpose and prosperity, and the support necessary to achieve it.

The regional network serves as a hub for all the labor, business groups, employers, the K-12 system, the community and technical colleges, the universities and all other apprentice programs in each of the nine regions across the state. Regional networks serve to connect the work of critical stakeholders, identify opportunities and gaps, and create regional strategies for developing more career connected programs. Regional Networks support the development of all levels of programs, from exploration to preparation to Career Launch. For additional information visit: 

About the Apple STEM Network
The Apple STEM Network is a three-dimensional alliance of K-12, Higher Ed, and community partners in North Central Washington. We represent a diverse region with tremendous potential for STEM industry in agriculture, energy, and innovation. With our collective effort, we intend to: provide a constructive support system for educators who aim to meet the rising challenge for all students to develop 21st-century skills and STEM literacy, to integrate community mentorship, and promote authentic project-based learning and field experiences for all levels of education, and engage students in exploring the world of opportunities on the horizon through STEM. For more information visit 

About the North Central Educational Service District
The North Central Educational Service District is a resource to the 29 districts within the four-county service area, providing professional and timely tools to meet the needs of individual schools and districts and a reliable point of education-related information for the communities served. The NCESD is a respected resource to other ESDs throughout Washington State.

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North Central Career Connect Washington Network Secures Grant Funding