Vaping: Tiered Supports

Youth vaping has reached epidemic proportions, and school personnel are compelled to address it as both a health issue and a disciplinary issue. To help counselors, teachers and administrators confront youth vaping, we have investigated numerous programs for prevention, intervention and cessationBelow, in an interactive slide presentation, you will find the best resources that we have found. 

Please note the navigational links, as well as links to more information about each resource.

Should you find any broken links, please report them to Shelley Seslar at so that we can correct them right away.

In reviewing prevention resources, we have considered our Washington State Healthcare Authority guidance Prevention Tools: What works, what doesn’t. We strongly encourage you to review this resource, and to alter, discard or add to any materials that you adopt, according to this guidance and according to the norms of your school and community.

Please note that the intervention programs we highlight here are not to be used universally.

  • The intervention programs are Tier 2 programs, indicated for students who have been caught vaping in violation of school policies, or have expressed a desire to stop vaping.
  • These students should also continue to receive prevention/Tier 1 support.
  • You may choose to implement cessation, or Tier 3, programs in your school, or you might choose to refer your students to them for private, voluntary participation.

To assess suitability for your students, school and community, please preview all resources before utilizing them.

Are you contemplating logical, restorative ways of addressing vaping infractions that do not remove students from instruction? Please feel free to consult Shelley Seslar, Managing Director of Behavioral Health Services here at NCESD.

Would you like to discuss technical aspects of the various curricula we have listed for prevention and intervention? Please feel free to contact Elizabeth Moore, Regional Behavioral Health Educator here at NCESD.

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