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Migrant Program Annual Task List

Compiled by the NCESD Migrant Education team, the document below provides an overview of annual tasks for school district Migrant Program. Please note: While this list is thorough, we can not guarantee that it is a comprehensive list for all the districts an individual school district needs to be aware of.

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Summer School

Summer school can be a valuable way for students of all ages to continue learning, explore new interests, and bridge educational gaps during the summer break. Whether it is a remedial, enrichment, language immersion, outdoor or STEAM program, our NCESD MEP Team will help you plan your summer school program and share resources we develop and collect regionally.( snake content as currently posted under Student Leadership page)

OSPI MEP program in partnership with AWSP and State Universities offers summer programming for students in 8-12 grade for the following programs:

  • Dare to Dream Exploring your Future
  • Dare to Dream Academy
  • Voices from the Field

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School Readiness

Family Letters: K-5 Math Core Curriculum Resource

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) created a handful of family letters that serve as a great resource for schools to share with families throughout the year. Each letter provides families an overview of the math content students are learning in the classroom, as well as suggestions for how families can support their students at home.

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Readiness for Math: Grades 6-8 Resources

A variety of resources to assist in Summer School programming to help students practice their math over the summer break.

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Ready for Kindergarten Curricula and Resources

The importance of being ready for kindergarten cannot be overstated. Kindergarten is a critical year for a child’s development, as it sets the foundation for their success in later years. Children who are prepared for kindergarten are more likely to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

OSPI Migrant Education Program supports supplemental instruction prior to Kindergarten to develop language and literacy skills, social-emotional skills, math and a love of learning. This is a link to a Reading Foundation Curricula that can be used by districts to support 3-5 year olds.

Math Books & Activities for Young Learners

Our team has put together a great resource page filled with books and activities to help young learners with math literacy.

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Federal Programs Director Job Description
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Annual Meetings at NCESD
NCESD offers regional Federal Program Director/Coordinator Convenings three times a year.
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Migrant Program Infographic
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