Hope Squad: Structured Peer Support

Monthly Resources – October 2022
Published October 10, 2022

Hope Squad: Structured Peer Support

Prevention of Bullying is important every month! Although October is National Bullying Prevention Month, we encourage your use of these resources throughout each and every school year. We must note that “bullying” is behavior and that we are NOT labeling anyone as a bully! Neither are we labeling anyone as a victim. One person could be a target of bullying in one situation, and a person who bullies in another. The same person could witness bullying in yet another situation. The language found throughout these resources reflects the need to prevent bullying behavior while refusing to label or stigmatize people.

Reducing stigma in our region’s secondary schools.

In May of 2021, Hope Squad came to our region! Founded in 2004 in Utah, Hope Squad is an evidence- and research-based, peer-support program shown to improve school culture, destigmatize mental health challenges, and, ultimately, to save lives.

Wenatchee-based Together! For Youth is now in its second year of using grant funds to coordinate Hope Squads in public secondary schools in Okanogan, Grant, Douglas and Chelan Counties. Alyssa Polson serves as Hope Squad Regional Coordinator. Alyssa shared that during the 2021 – 2022 school year, 28 referrals led to connecting students with appropriate professional help and alleviating emotional suffering. These referrals arose from 15 school communities with active Hope Squads in our four-county region. Now, 25 schools are active within the region.

Would you love to see a Hope Squad in your school?

During January of 2023, funding will open to include elementary schools, private schools, and charter schools.

Contact Hope Squad Regional Coordinator, Alyssa Polson, via alyssa@togethercd.org, or 509.662.7201. Alyssa will guide you through selecting Hope Squad Peer Mentors and partnering with mental health providers within your community and will provide ongoing support in your endeavor. You will need to complete this Intake Form.

More information can also be found by exploring Hope Squad’s extensive website, including more than two years’ catalog of monthly Parent Newsletters written in Spanish and English.


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